Old Endings and New Beginnings

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Chapter One:

"Old Endings and New Beginnings."

"Come on!" Move out of my way! I have places to be and people to see!" I yell at the idiot in front of me. He's at a stand still at a green light because he is texting. Aside from things like that, Oklahoma traffic isn't bad. I turn up the radio and breeze toward the cafe' where I am meeting my sisters. Ever since I turned 18, my sister and I make it a point to meet at this same cafe' on the first and the fifteenth of every month. Two of my sisters are married, one with children. Two are in committed relationships, and Lucille and I are the singles of the group. Before "Penny Lane" by the Beatles comes to an end, I am at the cafe'. I rush out of the car and into the building, hoping I am not the last one here.

As soon as I open the door, I hear, "Kaylynn!" Before I am engulfed by a sea of hugs. I laugh as we make our way to the same table we have sat at for the last five years. I immediately reach for my phone and place it in the center of the table with the rest of the phones. We always play a game, we all put our phones, face down in the center of the table until everyone has finished their meal. If someone picks up their phone before everyone is finished, that person buys everyone desert or a round of drinks.

Just as I sit my phone down, it begins to ring. Everyone looks at me to see what I will do. I roll my eyes and ask, "Whose idea was this game anyway?" They all grow silent and look in my direction. I can't help but laugh."Oh right! It was mine! Why did I show this game to you guys again?" Our laughter echos through the restaurant when Stacy says, "Because you got tired of everyone being more concerned with work and home instead of being fully present. Are you going to answer that?"  I am about to respond to Stacy's mockery when all of a sudden a drink is sat down in front of me. 

The waitress is our usual waitress and she knows my drink order. None the less, I smile and say, "I didn't order this, I ordered a green tea latte." She laughs and points to a guy sitting three tables away. "I know your order, this is from him." The drink sitting in front of me is more than a cup of coffee with a blue umbrella, it's a message. You see, I am an agent for the CIA. The guy waiting for me, isn't a potential suitor, he is an operative. My sisters don't know where I work, and unfortunately, I am not the only one of us leading a double life. About 8 months before this, a mysterious package showed up on the door step of my house. After following a string of clues, I was lead to a place from my childhood that only one of the 5 other women sitting at this table would know. One of them is an international art theif, and it's my job to stop her. This drink means that something has happened that is so important it can't wait. I turn and raise my drink in thanks to the guy. I turn back to my sisters and say, "What do you think? Should I go and talk to him?"

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