Chapter 10

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When I made my way into my room my eyes immediatly landed on the peacful sleeping bungle.I felt a smile froming on my face as I looked at her beautiful face.I took off all my clothes coz a nigga always sleep naked,I went under the warmth of the blankets and pulled her naked body onto mine as I felt sleep eveloping.

I was quickly alart when I heard her tip toeing and going for my gun, as a thug I am a very leight sleeper.I pretended that I was still asleep as I enjoyed her beautiful body glowed by the morning sun rays.

I watched as she came on the bed with my gun in her hand pointing it at me ,she gasp as I she saw that my eyes were opened and she started shaking as the gun became unstable in her hands.

"Open t..he d...door or I'm going to shoot you"I was very amused by her stupid bravery.

"Get that stupid thing ata my face bitch"

"I'm not joking I will shoot you".

"Bitch I'm gonna tell ya this one time only,get the fuckn gun ata my face"I was fuckn at the bridge of my patience.

"MY name is not bitch its Lina and don't be making threaths because I'm the one holding the gun".

In a quick movement I grabbed the gun out of her hands."NO NO",she screamed.

"Shut the fuck up Lina"I told using her name.

She went onto her knees in front of me and pleaded,"Please let me go I beg you".She avoided looking at my cock as her face was heated and infront of it.

"I'm sorry sweet heart but I can't do that".I looked her visable breast that were threatning to apear from the rob that she were wearing.

"Why not".

"You are mine forever and I ain't ever gonna let ya go"I said with my eyes still on her beautif breast.

"You one sick bastard"She got up from the floor and histricall started punching my chest with her small fists.

I grabbed her and started kissing her lips brutally.She moaned with ever kiss and I had her legs wraped around my waist as I pulled up the rob and entered her tight heat.She moaned in pleasure as I was pumping inside her tight pussy and we came at the same time.

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