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We all went to bed last night around 10 cause today we're meeting alot more girls!!!!!! i wake up at 9 and i can see Anna and Gabby is ready i wake up and reach for my phone,i got alot of notification so i gave Anna my phone so she can reply to whoever want to join us today at Universal Studio.I open the curtain to kindly wake the rest up and walk into my closet ad picking what good outfit to wear.I take my pink floral pleared skort its kinda pastel from new look,and a soft soft pink cut out bralette and take them to the shower with me.I take a short shower cause the rest are waiting for their turn,i go back to my room .


Bella : WHATTT

Anna : yess here take care *giving me my phone*

Bella : what should  i do.....

Mel : just tweet wheres to meet i dont  care eventhough it 100000 people we cans till have fun.

Bella : righttt!!


@Dallaslullaby : We have alot of girls joining cant wait to meet up with you guys! 

@Dallaslullaby : going to have fun todayy!! see you there soon :)

we're ready to go i take my bag and take out my pink leather t-bar strap sandals,wear it fast and catch up to the elevator.At the car we're jammin to summer music at Mel's 8track,we're entering hollywood yay,15 minutes until meeting the new girls

@Dallaslullaby : 20 minutes guys!! are you there yet??

@saltydallas : @Dallaslullaby yesssss

@awwcaniff : Im here with about 50 girls its crazyy @Dallaslullaby

@Dallaslullaby : @awwcaniff  WHAT!??? omgomgomgg

Bella : guys its over 50 girls oh my god

Amanda : are you kidding

Bella : no im not *surprised and smilling*

Mel : we're famous because of you *laughing in the front seat*

Bella : we're not famousss we're well known.

WE ARE HERE!! im walking through the citywalk with my sandwich from subway,i finish my sandwich before meeting the girls,i drink a bottle of mineral water and throw them to the trash cause im finished with my breakfast!

@Dallaslullaby : Im here!! walking to the globe :D

@Dallaslullaby : tweet me if you notice me!!

i got more tweets saying that they see me and they know where i am 

@sexmeespinossa : @Dallaslullaby BELLA I SEE YOU WITH ANNA!! YOU'RE CUTE AT THOSE SHIRT!!!

when i walk into their direction i dont know why but they are running to me kinda freaking out i dont know im quite shy when it comes to alot of people...

Bella : heyyy omg there's alot of you! *saying hi*

Girl 1 : hii bella!! you look so pretty oh my god

Girl 2 : you're even more stunning in real life i love you!

Bella : thankyouu,well if you havent notice its Anna,Mel,Gabby and Amanda

We all saying hi to each other so that we can get to know them easily telling each their name exchange social media username i like it when i have a lot of friendssssss.

Bella : have you guys buy your ticket?

Girl 5 : yes 

Bella : okay guess im going to buy myself ticket,you guys going to wait here or inside?

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