Why me?

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Kaydence's p.o.v-

"Just go kill yourself you're not worth it." Kameron, who is supposed to be my sister, my partner in crime, my best friend, says to me along with the "populars".

"See even your own sister doesn't love you and neither will any of he magcon boys." Shaylee, the leader of their clique says to me.

See the thing is, I'm going to magcon with my friend Alissa, and I get to meet them. So, everybody I jealous because I get to go and they don't. As you can probably tell, I'm what society calls... How do you put this? A.... Nobody.

It's not always been this way. Believe it or not, Shaylee and I used to be the best of friends until I "purposely", as she puts

it, lost 3 pounds and she was the "bigger" one. I know, how dumb right?

She started nasty rumors about me because I started losing even more weight, so she told the whole school I was "an anorexic slut." It got so bad i was homeschooled for a few months. I decided everything would be better so I went back to school, turns out it was worse. I asked my parents to be homeschooled again but they said no beacuse people would know they were getting to me.

I hide all of my pain. Nobody knows how much it hurts me. It get's even worse when my older sister doesn't say anything to them, but bullies me along with them. She got into a car accident, and her car was totales, so she has to get rides from me. I make her give me gas money for it.

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