Set the scene:

It's 8:15AM on Kate's 18th Birthday. Light streams through the curtains of her baby blue painted room. On the walls are blu-tacked posters of her favourite bands. Her friends think it's childish. Kate doesn't care. She lays between the fluffy sheets in a half conscious state- not quite awake but too sleepy to get up yet.

I hear someone thudding up the stairs. Mum.

Mum's the type of person that believes in early mornings and healthy eating. 'Get the day going early' She tells me. 'You can achieve more and besides, you'll never sleep tonight if you lie in.' But my bed is so warm. It's my birthday- can't I just have one day to sleep in?

I lift my head up to see her standing by the door in her pink spotty M&S dressing gown I bought her last Christmas. 'Morning sleepy head! Happy Birthday love. I know you want to sleep in, but I have a surprise for you- you're going to have a busy day!' She says, with a knowing smile. Oh dear. Do I even want to know what she has planned? Probably a trip to the local muesli factory or something. I give a weak smile back. 'Ok, down in a sec. Put the kettle on would you?' I yawn. As she heads back downstairs to the kitchen, I can hear her tuneless whistle to 'Happy Birthday' I smile to myself.

I pull my favourite soft hoodie over my head and slump down the stairs, wondering what Mum has in store for today. I know money is tight, so I'm really not expecting anything special this year. Hopefully it was just a few CDs and some mates round for some tea. As I turn round the corner into the kitchen, I stop dead in my tracks. Sitting around the table where a group of 3 women, all completely gorgeous, holding cups of tea. Who were these people? And what were they doing in my house?

As I walk through the door, the women look up and give me a reassuring smile 'Mum?' I shout cautiously to her, hearing her footsteps behind me. 'What's going on...?'

'Surprise!' Mum cries, laughing at my confused expression.

'I don't understand' I start. 'Who are these-'

'We're here to give you a makeover!' A lady with dyed purple hair interrupts me. 'You are going to have some very special visitors later!'

Makeover? Visitors? I still have no clue what's going on.


'No buts' The same lady interrupts me again 'Lets go work our magic girls!'

Giggling like they were 15 years younger, the other girls took my hands and dragged me into the living room. It had been transformed, with a plush, expensive cream seat and mirror on the wall. Surrounding the seat were big pink boxes of makeup, hair stuff and accessories. My mouth fell open. This was amazing! What could be so important that meant I needed such a makeover anyway?

i wonder what is happening hmmm (<______>)

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