Chapter 13

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"good night Niall" i say to him "Good night Kara" Niall says back "wait cover your ears" i say to Niall and he gives me a confused face but does it anyway "GOOD NIGHT LADS!" i shout and Niall laughs at me "GOOD NIGHT KAR" the lads shout back.

When i wake up Niall is still asleep next to me "Ni, you gonna get up?" i ask him and he groaned and opened his eyes "5 more mins" he falls back asleep. i know what will wake him up.

I lean down and press my lips to his and seconds later i feel him kiss me back, i laugh into the kiss then pull away.

"Okay I'm up" he laughs and i kiss his cheek then walk out if the room followed by Niall.

Only Harry is up "hey wheres the lads?" i ask and he smiles at me "hmm i do not know" he laughs ughh he is a terrible lier.

The lads come up from behind me and pick me up and throw me around.

"Ready to see your little bezzie today" Zayn asks and i laugh at him as they all put me down.

"Harry your a terrible liar! and yes im buzzing!" i jump around like a exited child.

"Okay well im gonna go text him" i tell them and go into mine and Nialls room to get my phone.

I pick it up and call Dylan, he picks up after 2 rings.

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