*3 Months Later*

Justin's POV:

Drew is now 6 months old and can now sit up by himself

I was currently sat in the kitchen feeding Drew his breakfast

Yes, he's started eating baby food now an it makes me so proud

Once he'd finished his food I handed him his bottle of milk and he sat drinking that whilst I made me, Mom and Caitlin breakfast

Drew just sat in his highchair watching me when Caitlin walked in

"Morning" I smiled

"Morning" She smiled going over to Drew "Hi baby" She said in a baby voice taking him out of his high chair

He smiled at her and she sat at the table with him on her lap

Once breakfast was ready Mom came downstairs, today was her day off work

Today was also the day Caitlin finally went back to school

I served up breakfast and Caitlin sat Drew back in his highchair as we all ate

"So, you nervous for going back to school?" Mom asked Caitlin

"Yeah, I mean everyone's gonna have a different opinion on me having Drew so young" Caitlin explained

"Dont worry, I've got your back" I smiled

"Thanks Justin" She smiled back

After breakfast Mom got Drew bathed and dressed in this (white baby vest with 'born with swag' written on it in black (link in comments) and this (grey baby sweat pant style pants (link in comments) whilst Caitlin took a shower

Caitlin came downstairs now showered and dressed (greenish 'tokyo laundry' sweater with blue denim jeans and black wedge hightops with a silver studded strap (link in comments) and I headed upstairs for a shower myself

Once I was showered I got dressed too (white tshirt, black jacket, black pants and brown white and black sneakers (link in comments)

Mom then got showered and dressed (blue top, blak jeans and black sandal heels (link in comments) while Drew played with his toys on the living room floor

Me and Caitlin then headed to school

We arrived at school and as we were walking inside I noticed Caitlin looked extremely nervous

"It'll be fine" I said softly taking her hand in mine and squeezing it gently

"Yeah" She replied nervously

We got into school and everyone was whispering

Caitlin looked down almost as if she was ashamed

I pulled her to one side away from everyone "Hey, you have nothing to be ashamed of ok?"

She nodded still looking down

"Come 'ere" I sighed hugging her "I'm here ok?"

She just simply nodded once more and we headed to our first class together

Lunch came around and I met up with Caitlin at her locker and headed to the cafeteria with her

We got lunch and then sat down with Ryan and Chaz to eat

"Hey look who's back" Ryan joked

"Oh ha ha" Caitlin joked back

"How's Drew?" Chaz asked

"He's good" Caitlin said smiling a proud smile

"He's sitting by himself" I smiled

"So Justin told us Jason's his brother" Ryan said "Means you guys are basically family now huh?"

I smiled "We've always been like family" I said hugging Caitlin

Lunch soon ended and I headed to my last lesson of the day

Once that was finally over I met Caitlin at her locker where she was grabbing her books and putting them in her bag

"Ready to go?" I asked

"Yeah" She smiled

We then headed out to my car and headed home

When we got home Jason's car was there and Caitlin practically ran inside

I followed her and she went inside, dropped her bag and went straight into the living room

She picked Drew up instantly and kissed his cheeks and all over his face "Mommy missed you so much" She said hugging him close

"It was one day" I joked

"So?" She protested sitting next to Jason

"So, mom tells me he's sitting now" Jason said to Caitlin

"Yep" Caitlin said proudly "And eating baby food"

Jason chuckled

Later we all had dinner together and then Caitlin let Jason feed Drew

Once Jason had left me, mom and Caitlin all sat in the living room just talking about our day

"So, how was your first day back at school?" Mom asked Caitlin

"Yeah, it was ok..." Caitlin said

We then watched a movie and all got individual showers

Caitlin then bathed Drew and got him dressed in his pyjamas (beigeish coloured printed pyjamas (link in comments)

She then put Drew to bed and we all went to bed...

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