Chapter 13: The Quest Part 4

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A/N Shout out to Dawnwolf_doesMC she came up with some great ship names since I am a lame jag and can't do it myself.
#Ianna= Ian and Anna
#bac'sfolife= Jerome and Jenna
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~Sky's POV~

I woke up not knowing where I am. I studied the room and realized I was at Katrina's house. I looked outside the window and saw the sun barely rising up, which meant we need to be leaving soon.

I walk down the hall and knock on everyone's door, "WAKE UP! We need to be leaving." I heard responses of groans and "I don't wanna!" Jerome was the first one up and was already ready.

"Hey buddy. How long have you been awake?" I asked.

"All night I didn't go to sleep. I was thinking about Jenna the whole night," he said with his tired eyes.

"Wow, that's kind of obsessive don't you think?"

"NO! It's not when she's the only thing running through your mind, when the tone of your voice is happier just from talking to her, and when you tell a bad joke, and she laughs anyways!" he said.

"Wow, what were YOU doing all night?" Things were getting too real!

"We talked half the night before she went to sleep on me, but that wasn't going to stop me from thinking about her."

"Well Jerome, don't do anything dumb, I know you." I said before walking off to check on the others. Katrina was up as well as Jenna, but Ian was out cold; perfect for pranking!

"Katrina!" I whisper-yelled in her direction.


"Do you have a bucket and cold water?"

"Yeah. Why are we whispering?"

"Ian is sleep and I wanna prank him!"

"Oh this is gonna be good"

She went in the bathroom and got a large bucket and began to fill it with water. Jenna came around the corner and I was afraid she would wake up Ian.

"We are playing a trick on Ian so don't be loud cuz it's going to be funny" I whispered helping her into the family room. When I went back to the bathroom, Katrina was don't filling the bucket and I helped her carry it into his room. With one hand, I counted down from three




"WAKE UP IAN!" I said as we poured all the cold water on his head. He got up in a sudden jolt and started speeding around the house, going to fast for me to see where he was going.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my nether, I didn't think he would react like that!" Katrina said eyes wide open.

"WhY wOuLd YoU dO tHaT?!" Ian said laying on the floor

"Because I said get up, but since you wanted to be a rebel and not do that, I made you pay!" I explained

"Well thanks for pain!"


Everyone was ready and we were about to head out to search for Quentin. Jenna was onboard with this but she was not going to be able to help us very much since she was blind.

"Lets go guys," I said and everyone walked out of the house. Jenna had her cane with her but I think she would prefer to have help from someone, she seems very dependent on Katrina.

~Mitch's POV~

Ok, now is my chance, I prove to Herobrine I am loyal by spying in team crafted, and then trade on him. Dawn was in her wolf form sleeping on the bottom of the bed. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and stuff. I hear someone scream in agony and I wanted to help, but I was afraid of Herobrine. If I interfere with what ever is going on, I might be in a big load of trouble.

I walk back to my room to see Dawn dressed and ready to go. As a human, she had short brown hair with  purple tips, and her eyes are purple. She is a very pretty girl, and she seemed quite nice too.

"The plan is that I'm going send you out to be with Sky and his group while I go and watch Seto's. You need to befriend them and het on their good side so they will trust you and get you any information you need ok?" I said.

"Got it! Spy on Sky and gain his trust!" she said smiling big.

"Yup let's head out!" as I said that, Herobrine teleported in my room.

"Mitch, Enderlox here is going to follow close behind you to make sure no funny business is going to happen. You are too close to them to not say anything. He will make sure everything thing is reported and evaluated. Ok?" Herobrine said as he walked back and forth.

"Yes sir. I'm not going to do anything."

"Good. Be gone now!" and with that, he teleported away. We stood there is silence before Dawn broke it, "Lets get going this place scares me!"

"Guys I just want you to know Herobrine wants to kill Skybrine as soon as possible. Lure his group to the castle as best as possible without angering them, that they have less power to fight us with," Enderlox said clear and forced.

"Alright," it was really quiet before Dawn broke the silence, " Well let's get the nether out of here, this place is creepy!" and grabbed our stuff and ran out the castle.

I looked back at the castle, then to my "group" and realized that even though we are strong hybrids, we will need to bond and get to know each other if we want to kill team crafted....wait did I just say kill team crafted? I don't want to kill them, just Jerome.

'Just for get about it Mitch' the voice in my head said, and it was right, I was being paranoid. Ever since I teamed with Herobrine, I have been afraid that somehow he is going to figure out that I'm trading on him.

But what will happen if Herobrine finds out.....


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