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I think one of the best quotes I've ever read, and certainly one I've always felt I fully understood right to the core of my soul, is one that I have never been able to find out who originally said it. As far as I can deduct, it's an anonymous piece of street art in Slovakia:

"I write because nobody listens."

Writing, whether it be a short story, a book, a poem, a song... It lets you put your deepest emotions, your innermost thoughts on paper. It lets you make something that is so abstract, so personal that nobody could ever understand from you just explaining it, have meaning, have depth. It allows you to give your emotions and your thoughts substance. And that's a beautiful thing, something so many people underestimate.

However, if you've ever tried writing a story, you'll know it's never that simple. You get lost and side-track from the main plot, you end up hating what you've written and frustration makes you scrap story after story. Seventeen years I've been alive, and to this day the furthest I've ever got in writing a story before I've ended up becoming so frustrated with it a deep-settled hatred starts to brew and I scrap it is ten chapters in.

However, I've always managed to complete short stories. They force you to be more delicate, more careful, more thoughtful. You have to get your point across while leaving mystery in as few words as possible. It puts you under stress, and I've always thrived under stress.

So while one day, I would still love to be able to write an actual book. Twenty plus chapters perhaps. Possibly a saga? Who knows. The future is an odd thing. Anyway, for now, I thought maybe I could share my short stories. Get feedback. Show my deepest, inner most darkest thoughts.

So I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read Torment, a book of short stories.

Before you start reading, however, please note that these stories are a mix of true stories and fiction. Some of which I've experience myself, some of which people close to me have experience, and some of which are loosely based on real life events that have happened to people through history that I feel needs light shed on it.

A lot of these stories will be sad, triggering either, but please know I didn't write these stories while in a bad place in my life. I wrote these stories in a good place in my life, while I reminisced and looked back on the darker chapters of my life.

So, without further a due, I present Torment, a book of short stories.

Lakisha x

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