Not So Simple


Chapter 7: I Think You’re Busted

I pull up in my drive seeing my mum car; I grab the keys and my bag, heading inside. I see no one is in the lounge so I go straight to the kitchen, my mum, is wash what must be the lunch time dishes. She turns around seeing me, “your back early sweetie, everything okay” she ask, I nod taking a seat at the bench.

I hear the water run down the drain making me look up at my mum, “Hey mum” I ask, she turns around looking at me “what does It mean if your friend, touches you but you don’t want that” I ask, she looked kind of shocked.

“I believe it would be under sexual harassment, depending on how his ‘friend’ touched this person, why do you ask” She asks, I shake my head saying it means nothing important.

“Grandma” Brodie cry, my mum looks at me. I smile standing up.

I get to the stairs “um, April” I turn around looking at my mum, “I think I’m going to head off” she says, I nod, thanking her. That was really weird, why she just left like that. When I hear the door close I walk up stairs to Brodie room.

“Mummy” he says running up to me.

“Hey buba” I smile, picking him up; He hugs into me, lying his head on my shoulder. “What’s wrong” I ask, he doesn’t answer just hugs into me. I walk out of the room feeling someone hug into my calf muscle, I smile realizing its Conner. “Hey, Con” I smile, grabbing his hand walk down stairs.

I sit on the couch, putting Brodie down beside me, I watch Conner run off, and Brodie lie down, placing his head in my lap. What wrong with him, I wonder.


I am in my uniform, waiting for Chase to arrive, god why did I even think I could trust him to do, right “mummy” I look down at Conner and Brodie. “Where Daddy” Con ask, I shrug.

“I don’t know mate, I don’t know” I say walking to the kitchen grabbing my purse. Fuck I feel so stupid, to even think I could trust them. I grab my phone, calling Paisley “Hello, this is Paisley, sorry I cannot come to the phone, please leave a message” the answer machine answers instead, I hang up; I forgot she works with me. Thinking of another number to call, usually I call Macey, maybe she didn’t mean to tell the boys. I sigh, putting in her number.

“Hello” She answers her phone.

“Macey” I say, hoping she will help me out.

“Everything okay, April” she ask. I laugh.

“Of course, I was wondering if you could come around, and look after the boys, for an hour or two” I ask, she answers with a sure, before hanging. I trust Macey like a sister I never had, but she steps over the line, and I think I can talk to her about that when I finish work. When the doorbell goes, off I answer straight away seeing Macey grinning at me. “Hey” I smile, she nods walking in.

“Auwtie Mawey” The boys, yell running up to her, I smile.

“Thanks again Mace” I laugh

“No problem, I didn’t have work tonight, so all good” she smiles; I thank her again walking out to my car. I fell so stupid right now, I can’t believe I trusted him, to be here to look after the boys, I knew he wouldn’t be able to commit, I knew it and there’s another reason why I can’t trust him. The day he realizes its Not So Simple, will be the day I trust him again.

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