Chapter 7- Into the pipes

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I watched the flashing blue and red lights from the darkness until they made me feel dizzy. Tristan, Joel and I were plotting an entrance route into the large greenhouse a few streets away. There, we would find Kira.

The front entrance was heavily guarded by police officers all wearing gas masks who were evacuating the area.

"If the front door is inaccessible, we could try the roof access?" Joel suggested.

I shook my head. "We have to find a way into the greenhouse without being exposed to the gas, it's toxic... literally."

A strong beam of light sweeped across our hiding place. The shrubs we were crouching behind provided enough protection from sight so that we could run if we needed to.

"We could try digging?" Tristan said.

Joel and I both raised our eyebrows. He curled into a ball and remained silent.

I stroked my chin. If the front entrance is locked down and the gas is stopping us from getting close, I thought, then Tristan is right, we have to travel underground!

"Tristan you're a genius!" I yelled.

Joel's expression immediately changed to 'what the actual-' so I voiced my thoughts and explained to them that underground was our only option. Tristan smiled in an annoyingly smug way, so I smacked him over the head.

"We're not digging, so you're not entirely a genius. Heck, you're not even smart." I teased.

Tristan punched me in the arm.

"Hey, it was just a joke, you should really be happy more often." I said.

He shook his head. "I don't have emotions."

If I had a list of things I didn't know about Tristan, that was number one. I mean, it was kinda obvious that he showed little to no feelings but to be completely void of them was a little strange.

"I knew I heard voices!" A deep, angry voice exclaimed. "Everyone! Over here!"

All three of us exchanged a quick look of shock and legged it. We darted quickly through the trees using the darkness of the night as our cover.

"They're getting away!" The officer bellowed.

I turned around. Joel and Tristan were following close behind, but just behind them a bunch of bright yellow flash lights lit up the bushy terrain.

"Run faster!" I ordered.

Tristan looked back and gasped when he saw the lights. He then gave me a sneaky look.

"Don't you-" I started but it was too late.

Tristan burst from his human form and a black wolf erupted onto the scene. He lunged to the side and picked up an extremely surprised Joel. I sprinted into a tree, run halfway up the trunk and jumped backward performing a backflip before landing on Tistan's back behind Joel.

"Alright! Let's go!" I yelled over the cursing of the officers.

Tristan growled (although it sounded more like a roar) and shot through the trees like a cheetah.

After about half a minute we were well out of range of the police. Tristan sat down and changed back into a human. "Good thing- I have- powers, huh." He panted.

I patted him on the back. "You don't need powers to escape or create danger Tristan, give me pistols over plasma ray any day."

Joel pulled a flame-tipped arrow from his quiver, struck it on the ground and used it as a torch. "Come on guys, I have a plan."

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