The taxi pulled up outside an apartment building and I followed Michael inside and up to his apartment. Michael opened his room and it was a very nice apartment and I liked it better than mine and Tami's.

"Nice apartment" I said walking inside. 

"Thank you, I chose it myself" I looked around the apartment putting my bag and jumper down, taking a seat on the sofa soon Michael came back out with a pack of beer and the game twister.

"Come on time to vs. me" I rolled my eyes and said

"Alright set it up than Clifford" Michael got the game ready and I took one of his beers that tasted much better than the club's drinks. I took my shoes off ready to win this game. I span the wheel and I said to Michael

"Left hand red" that was an easy one, I span the wheel again and it said left hand green, the start of this was easy and Michael and I couldn't stop laughing and towards the end we were basically having trouble well mostly Michael.

- - -

After having about nine beers and three games with Michael we were both wasted and I had Michael hovering over me still in the middle of now our fourth game.

"Oh no" Michael announced, I looked at him and said


"I'm going to fall, oh no" He said seeing he was having trouble.

"No don't you dare" but it was too late he fell on me "Michael" Michael was basically on me and he said

"You have pretty eyes" He put the piece of hair that was annoying me before behind my ear and smiled.

"Okay, I think your drunk Michael" I said but truth was, I was drunk too.

"Well I'm telling the truth Natalie you've got beautiful green eyes and your smile could light up anyone's day and yeah I may be a little bit drunk but can I tell you something"? Michael said not caring in the world that he was still on top of me.

"Yeah of course" I said

"You know through out grade 9 I had like this massive crush on you and I did want to ask you out but I just didn't know how to tell you"

"Really you liked me in grade 9" Michael nodded and I smiled and said "I had a crush on you in year 9 as well"

"Well I'm kind of glad that we didn't date then because I don't think we would have seen each other after that but you have gotten prettier Natalie"

"You've been making me blush all night, Michael"

"Good, that was my goal" Michael and I just starred at each other thinking what could happen next but it seemed we both had the same idea because after just staring at each other, I pulled Michael by the shirt giving him a kiss and he started kissing back. I pulled away from him and said

"I'm sorry I" but Michael kissed me again and pulled away

"I don't care, I've been waiting to do this all night since I saw you Nat" I smiled back at him and continued to kiss him. I started taking Michael's shirt off and started kissing him again. 

"Should we move to the bedroom" I said pulling away looking at Michael. He stood up helping me up telling me.

"I'm going to show you what you've been missing out on Natalie" Michael wrapped his arms around me giving me another kiss and this one had more passion and was harder, Michael pulled away for a second telling me to jump into his arms which I did where Michael was holding my butt and we made our way into Michael's room without breaking the kiss.

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