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Chapter 7 - Human contact

I wake up on the master bed all alone, and that's only a good thing. Last night after the incident in the woods, I walked back with my head fuzzy with thoughts and my heart dizzy with the twirling feelings I couldn't quite place anywhere. I was tired and the only sensible thing to do was to go to sleep, so I let Jocelyn unlock the door, and then lock it behind me so no one could get in. In the morning, though, when most of the people had left, Jocelyn unlocked it again. She peeked in and asked me if I was alright, and I mumbled back sleepily. I don't remember exactly what I said to her, just that I did say something.

I punch the pillow to make it fluffier and rest my head atop of it. I'm glad the window is open just a little, because I want cold water and nice cool air. But I'm too lazy to get the first, so the window crack will do, supplying me with some kind of breeze.

Then I hear mumbles, and drag myself closer to the edge of the bed and look over it. Anton's sleeping on the floor with no pillow or blanket. His shirt is crumpled into a ball and I suppose it was meant to replace a pillow, but he has moved away from it, and now his head is against the carpeted floor. I guess the carpet made sleeping there easier, plus the alcohol in his blood stream.

I sigh and can't help but stare at him. He looks so calm, like he knows all there is to know about the world, or doesn't know anything at all, but is utterly satisfied.

Suddenly his eyes open, and he turns his head a little to look back at me. I smirk and rest my elbows on the bed, placing my face between my hands. Last night comes to me in a rush, how I had thought about Anton kissing me, and I try to shake it off, because what he says next confirms that nothing was supposed to happen.

"Man, I was so drunk," he mumbles, his eyes moving to stare at the ceiling. He brushes a hand over his face and lets it rest on top of the pillow. "I barely remember anything." And I think that even if he had tried anything last night, there wouldn't have been a sober part of him that would have remembered anything, and I don't know if I'm glad, or disappointed. It's weird, the feeling I have developed, or rather the feeling that has developed itself without my knowing. At one point it's just there.

I chuckle, and say: "Then there are no regrets." And he glances at me with a questioning look plastered on his face, but I shake my head as to assure that nothing happened, or at least nothing that I know of. "What are we doing today?" I rush ahead of things. First things first, we have to walk downstairs, say goodbye to Jocelyn, then walk back to the campus, where we may or may not go back to sleep, or possibly snake out all the school books from our bags, and put them in order of classes on the table (which we probably won't do). There are endless possibilities. We might as well go back to sleep here.

"I'm thirsty," he says, rubbing his stomach which is completely bare. "And hungry." My eyes land on his naked chest and I try to force myself to look away, but it's like they are nailed there. Finally I manage to change my view, staring through the window, instead.

A thought crosses my mind: maybe I'm hungry for human touch, or human emotion.

"Is there a bathroom somewhere?" Anton asks and covers his mouth as he yawns. I smile at him, mostly because his eyes are closed, and he can't see me, secondly because he looks funny like that. But mostly I let myself smile publicly because he can't see me do it.

Anton stands up.

"In the hallway I think," I say and stretch out on the bed, rolling onto my back, my head over the edge of the bed, so I can see Anton upside down. And for a moment I wonder if I'm still drunk, even though I didn't drink that much, but my actions reflect excess alcohol that might be stuck in my arteries.

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