Chapter: 14

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It had just become dark out and I was still eager to kill. I noticed a park to my left, I figured it would be interesting to try something new. I entered the park and I saw a girl sitting on a swing. I knew she couldn't see me in the dark. While she was looking down I quickly and quietly pushed the swing beside of her causing it to move. She turned her head to see the now moving swing, she then started looking around and when she turned away I sat down in the swing. I sat there for a moment waiting until finally she turned back and noticed me.

I had my hood up so that she couldn't see my face. " Beautiful night isn't it?" I asked her.

" Yes?"

I looked down and smiled, " what's wrong?" I asked as I pulled down my hood " Are you scared?" I asked as I revealed my face. Her eyes widened with fear, I laughed at her as she started shaking. I stood up from the swing, she tried to run but I grabbed her before she could. " Now I don't know if you know this but, I NEVER let my victims survive" I said to her with a laugh. I lowered my knife and put it to her throat, I was about to cut her when a voice interrupted me.

" That's not true Jeffrey, I survived" my smile quickly faded, I turned around to see Liu standing in front of me. I gripped tighter onto the girls arm so she couldn't escape. "What do you want Liu?" I yelled at him, he was becoming a problem, as of late he has been ruining my kills. I needed to kill him before it was too late.

"Your life" he answered with a big smile. I stood for a moment and then laughed, I stabbed the girl and then I threw her head against a tree. " Well I hate it for you, but you're not getting it!" I yelled to him. He started to walk closer to me, I gripped my knife tighter with every step he made.

"I can take it from you as easy as that" he said as he snapped his fingers, I looked at him and cocked my head " Is that what you think?" I questioned. " I know! I can do it" he laughed, I could tell he wasn't going to be an easy kill, but I knew I would have to try because it was either me or him.

" You see Jeff, I killed Toby. I know very well that you are nothing compared to Toby, he was stronger than you, and he never let his emotions ruin his kills. Yet I still killed him" he was right, Toby was way stronger than me and he knew how to kill. Liu seemed to be missing the fact that I know him too well, I can use that to my advantage.

" I think you are getting your hopes up Liu" I spat at him. He didn't respond to me, he just stood and smiled. He turned away and starting walking off in the fog " We'll see" was what he said before he disappeared.

I didn't understand, if he's so sure he can kill me than why is he waiting? If he can really do it why didn't he take that moment as a chance to try? I never understood him when I was younger,  I don't think I ever will. "Tsk" I put my hands in my pocket with a sigh. I looked up to the sky, rain began to pour down on my face. I pulled my hood up, covered my hair, and began to walk. I walked along the roads until I found myself back in  the forest, I quickly made my way back to our realm and headed home.

I opened the door to the mansion and as I walked in I heard Masky talking, " Slender has told me to call you all here to see if any of you know how Liu found us" so that's what it's about? I was hiding in the corner, I knew they'd get all weird about it since he is my brother. I heard Ben laughing " I let him in" Ben said with his stupid smile. Masky sighed " I was really hoping you wouldn't have said that." Masky said as he stood up in front of everyone. " Why did you do it?" Sally asked in a worried voice.

" It's simple really, I hate Toby and Jeff" Ben was unbelievable, I know he hated me but why? " What does that have to do with Liu?" Sally asked, she seemed a little upset " Oh Sally you're as clueless as ever, it has everything to do with him" he looked around everyone and then smiled " Let me explain"

Ben's POV

Toby and Jeff had went out to go killing. I knew where they had went, they  snuck out to the forbidden neighborhood. No matter though, I was alone in the mansion so I decided to take a walk around the forest. After hours of pure boredom I decided to go to the human realm to get some kills done for the night. When I opened the portal I noticed someone at the portal door trying to get in, how did they even activate it to get this far? I wondered but my question was soon answered when I realized it was Jeff's older brother, Liu.

I didn't want to allow him into our realm so I decided to meet him at the gate. I walked into the portal and saw him standing there in the rain. You see the portal has two sides, one side is our realm and the other side is the human realm, but there is a gate inside the portal that separates the two worlds. The only way to open the gate is if you're immortal, but it's an easy job to open the portal if you know what you're doing.

I stood at the gate and smiled at him from the other side. " Hello, Liu isn't it?" he looked at me as I stood there. His expression screamed out terrified, but I could also see the sadness and anger in his eyes. " Ben" he said in an angry voice, I laughed at him. " What is it that you want?" I asked him as I watched him attempt to break the gate.

"What's it to you?" I noticed he was clenching a knife in one hand, I then started noticing he had blood all over him. He lifted his head up and revealed that he had a stitched in smile. " Trying to be like Jeff are we?" he smiled at me " I didn't do this to be beautiful, I did it so they could see my pain" he made a faint laugh, I nodded." To answer your questions Ben, I want to kill my little brother" was he serious? Kill Jeff? Hah, but I thought- no matter. I started laughing as hard as I could " You? kill him? Impossible," I wouldn't lie, this kid knew how to entertain someone, he also had guts, I've never heard anyone say they'd kill Jeff.

" What's the matter?" he asked with a smile "You don't think I can do it?" I stood there for a moment in silence. After I thought about it a huge idea came to me. I looked up at Liu and smiled " I'll let you in, let's make a deal"I smiled, he stood confused.

" What kind of deal?" he questioned me

" A kill for a kill" I smiled " I'll let you in but you can't kill Jeff"

He cocked his head " Why not?"

"Because, I'm letting you in, if you kill Jeff you're killing Toby first" I can't believe it, I finally win, I've wanted to kill those two for years but I didn't want to face slender.

" Why Toby?" Liu asked

" Because, I hate Toby, and you hate Jeff, and since I'm letting you in you have to do me a favor, which is kill Rogers"

" Sounds easy enough" Liu said, I then opened the gate and let him in. I explained to him where Toby and Jeff would be. And I sent him on his way.


Was I actually hearing this? BEN caused Toby's death? I should have known. No one was speaking so I ran over there and grabbed Ben by the neck.

" How dare you!" I screamed as I cut the air from his neck, he could barely breath, he smiled " Don't you see Jeff? there's nothing you can do, you've already lost" I dropped him onto the floor. I was eager to kill him, but E.Jack and Hoodie pulled me away.

" I am going to explain everything to Slender" Masky said, he started walking but then stopped and walked back over to us " Ben you're coming with me" Masky said as he dragged Ben and left to find Slender.

I fell to the floor, everyone surrounded me and stared

" This can't be happening" I whispered to myself.

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