Introduction by Alex Verin

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My grandfather once called Hannaria’s Ambassador a million-armed devil strangling the planet. I hid under chairs at diplomatic meetings for days—terrified blue tentacles would burst out of the Ambassador’s human shell and kill my dad.  After a few debates, I realized Dad always managed to survive. This confused me, but I learned to accept it.

As I got older, my fear changed. I lost friends in attacks. I lost relatives to the training camps. Before all of this happened, I wondered if I’d have anyone left by the time I reached Dad’s age. Trying to do the right thing cost me everything I’ve ever known, but I don’t regret it. I can’t.

Our ancestors formed the Earth Independence Party with good intentions—to protect us from negative alien influences. They had no way of knowing what it would later become and how many people would die.  The Hannarians are capable of taking over Earth, but there’s something I now fear more than them.

What if we’ve become something worse?


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