Chapter 19: MAGCON!

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Celeste's POV

The plane lands, we get our bags and go through security, Johnson goes through first of us all, they suspect something. They begin to run tests, we all think he's carrying drugs or whatever but the guy told us it's just some type of medicine and it's legal to take into Sydney. I laughed so hard when they said it was just medicine, not sure why but the boys reaction was hilarious!! Johnson calls up a taxi and it takes us to the motel.

We arrive and we get escorted to the lobby, I look at the reception, and walk towards it "CELESTE! GEMMA JOHNSON GILINSKYYYYY" we hear a yell and look over "CAMERON!!" I scream and run towards him, I jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist hugging him tightly, "I missed you kiddo" he says with a laugh placing a hand on my back. "I missed you to" I say holding him tighter. "What about me?" I drop from Cameron and look to my right "JEMMA!" (Cams GF) I scream and run to hug her, nearly knocking her off her feet, the boys and Gemma say hi to everyone as I freak out being the girl I am. "Have you been good?" Jemma says with a laugh "yes!- I change to a whisper- I have to tell you something later" I tell her, she raises an eyebrow then we laugh "Celeste may!" I hear and I look over Jemma's shoulder to see shawn, "Mr.Mendes!" I say running up to him hugging him. "Missed you bro" I say into his chest. Shawn and I are extremely close, I mean I'm really close with Cameron to, but shawn and I are like brother and sister, as cliche as that sounds, it's true! He is the one always giving me advice, and I do the same for him, where as my relationship with Cameron is more like, we go crazy together and tease each other and what not.

I pull away from the hug, "how's the music going?" I ask, then I feel someone jump on my back and wrap there arms and legs around me, "CELESTE!" They yell, I can tell it's hayes, him being the smallest of us all. "Hayes my man!! How ya going?" I ask using my arms to hold him up. "I missed you" he says putting his face I to my shoulder. Hayes and I are close friends to, I mean yeah he's 14 I'm 19, but he and I seem to have a similar sense of humar. I turn around with hayes still on my back, to see Chloe and Nash approaching, "hay guys!!!!" I say excitedly chloe hugs me, I try to hug back but hayes refuses to get off, "how you been?" I ask then I hug Nash. "Yeah good thanks" Chloe says as I still hug Nash. "What's bout you big boi" I say laughing and I lightly punch nash in the arm "yeah good" he gestures to Chloe and winks. "What?" Chloe says crossing her arms. Nash and I laugh, and then Taylor comes over "hay!" I say seeing him come over. I hug him, "any new girlfriends?" I joke. "Nah mate, keeping it chill" he says and then we laugh, hayes finally let's go and I sigh in relief. And hug Taylor again, better this time. I say hi to everyone else - Matt,Mohogany,Carter and Aaron- as I end my hug with Aaron "Babe! Come over here! They need your signiture" Gilinsky yells to me, I walk over hearing mutters of - "babe?" Or "wait, babe, what?" I smirk to myself walking over, I put my signature in and them I pull the collar of jacks shirt down pulling his lips on mine "yep babe" I wink to the others and they get all exited "YUAS! So cute! And I heard about Gemma and Johnson" Nash laughs. My eyes widen, and then nash realises why, and he says "Oops." Johnson and Gemma glare at me and I uncomfortably laugh.

I look over at Taylor, he looks really shocked, I suppose it's new to him, obviesley... Like having a close friend- ugh I don't even know what he's thinking. Jack,jack,Gemma and I go up to our rooms, Gilinsky and I share a room, and Johnson and Gemma are sharing a room. I put my case on the bed and unpack my toothbrush, hair brush, ECT.

Ok so, Celeste and Gilinsky are at the end of the hall, Johnson and Gemma to the right, the. To the right if them carter and matt, and then Jemma and cam, and at the other end nash and Chloe, the rest are on the floor below, but aparenlty we will be usually hanging in matt and carters room. "Ok so what now?" I ask Gilinsky, "umm whatever you want" he winks. God dam he's seducing, but I have to wait a few months before any of that, see if he gets bored and if he's worthy if keeping. I certainly have faith and believe he is. "To Matt and carters room!" I point with a straight arm, Jack laughs. We go into matt and carters room. "Hey boys! What's the plan for the week?" I ask "well, it's sataday, so chill today, beach tommrow, then meet and greet Monday, shopping Tuesday and Wednesday whatever" carter explains. "Ok then.." I say.

HI! How ya going? Hope your enjoying! Got some surprises coming *winks*

QOTD: who wools be your magcon best friend?

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