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it's Qwka season this time of year it's freezing outside , lands covered with snow , farmers sit beside the fire and pray to their gods for worm season to fall and their misery to fade in the coldness of the harsh weather.

It's been a year or so since me and my brother started learning at school , we learned a lot but not enough though , we need more knowledge of our past and history , reasons that ignited war in peaceful lands , to look up the future we need a solid foundation of our past , to plot our moves with wisdom.

Anyway , me and black are learning to smith with our father , he is a blacksmith after all.

'' hey black '' I said

'' yes? '' black replied

'' do you remember that girl from the class?... the one with red hair '' I mentioned

'' the elf girl''

'' yes.. the elf girl ''

'' what about her? ''

' Her mother store is front of us , and-... I caught her staring several times towards us..''

my heart started beating fast..

'' really '' he said

'' yhea , will I think .. I'm not sure ..''

'' okay , so what are you going to do about it ''

he asked me raising an eye brow

'' me?.. I don't know .. should I do something? .. what can I do .. ''

I said I couldn't breath right

I gulped and pulled myself together

'' what should I do?? ''

I asked raising my eye brows

'' go tell her not to look here anymore , there is nothing to see ''

'' what ? Are you mocking me? haha .. very funny , all laugh at the white hair boy '' I said .

Door opened and man entered , he was tall , brown hair , green eyes , he was covered with filth all over , I could hardly recognize his skin color , he was tired boots covered with mod .

'' whe-Where is Stan? .. where is your father? ''

He said he was in hurry like someone is following him or something.

'' Tell Me where is he quickly '' I just froze there

'' What is all this noise about'' my father walked out from bathroom.

'' St-Stan ... this is bad .. this is bad '' he said shaking his head

'' what happened ? Are you okay James ?''

'' Som-Something bad happened ''

he reached his pocket and took a roll of paper that had a dragon seal and handed offer to my father , Me and my brother were shocked , what is happening ? what is so bad that made this poor man look the way he looked.

My father opened the paper and started reading he was shocked by the content of the paper , he started shivering .

'' How did you get this ? ''

my father asked the strange guy , who didn't look so strange to me , like I know him from somewhere , maybe if is cleaned up I might be able to recognize him.

'' My friend in the capital gave it me'' he shock his head ''The more important question is , Is it True? ''

'' It has the seal of Dragon League on it no one can fake that ''

my father said with confidant

'' Do you know what that means ? '' James said

'' Yes , I do , But why ,we don't have any important jewellery here . ''

he said rubbing his ( shin /)

'' the letter don't say they are coming for jewellery ''

James said

Whoa coming here the Dragon League it must be missed up pretty bad , no wonder my dad was shivering

'' they are coming to kill someone ,Someone important '' James continued

My father turned towards me and black and started walking

'' Kids do you still remember your training? because you will need it '' he asked

'' YES ''

we replied with confident.

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