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Eyes on the clock,

Waiting for the door to open,

Biting my nails,

Nervous? Yes



Excited? Yes


Want to go for a swim in melted choclate and poo?...HELL YEA-wait what?


Sad?-Pause right there.

Sad? Oh yeah you're damn right i will be feeling sad after i meet the ones i love. Because ......i probably wont  see them again.

If you havent guessed what's going on..Well, im visiting my best friend and family. Remeber?Damien said he would take me. But then he would also wash away their memories of seeing me today.

That's what's heartbreaking. My parents and friends forgetting me. Actually scratch that bit when i said they will forget seeing me today. Infact, they wont remeber me at all. My existence will disapear. No files of me.No D.O.B of me.Yes nothing of me.

  Damien and his whole family suggested that it was for the best of me.ofcourse i quarreled.And i still havent agreed.But i have a feeling i will.

Oh and about finding out what creature i was yesterday something came up with the Doc and he 'apparently' had to leave for another ill patient at his home.I still have no idea how this 'doc' looks like, since i havent seen him yet. But all i care about are my blood test results.

See, something just HAS to come up and ruin everything.

Right now, im anxiously waiting for someone to step in and tell me that "Its time to go and meet your loved ones!'.

My foot tapped on the polished timber floor as i perched into my chair. \

The sound of a dor knob rattling made my attention snap to it. The door opened slowly revealing Damien leaning on the door frame slightly.

"You ready to go?"Were his first words.

I let out a shaky breath and managed a tiny nod.

I started to feel queasy, and dizzy once i stood up. I was so nervous and confused with my crazy emotions that i was going into panic mode.

I tried to grip onto something but the only thing i grabbed was thin air. I took a step and stumbled, i felt my legs growing weak like jelly and my breathing coming to a slow rate. My vision blurred.I felt like falling into a sea of blackness.My dead straight hair swished in my face.I closed my eyes slowly.

I knew i was falling. I waited for the impact but it never came.Instead i felt two muscular arms catching me and holding me in their arms.

"Summer?! You okay?Stay with me!' I heard Damien's muffled voice.Everything was in slow motion until i started coming back to reality.

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