Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of my alarm is deafening. It's very useful if I need to wake up early, but that sound ringing in my head is extremely irritating! That's why it's effective. I am not a morning person. I usually wake up at 12 noon when I don't have school. And I stay late at night, 4 am at most. I dismissed the alarm and waited for the next one before going up. Yes, I have like 5 alarms in my phone. I just don't trust myself waking up to the first alarm. After the third beep, I finally woke up.

I took a bath and shaved my legs after. I also brushed my teeth and cleansed my face. I had to make sure that I look and smell perfect. I am not going to eat breakfast. I don't wanna risk ripping my dress. I don't even know if I could return it and ask for a bigger size since it's on clearance sale.  Nevertheless, I know that everything will go on just fine- Or let me say PERFECT.

Finally, I wore the dress, having an empty stomach, it fits just right on me. I am size 6 and I think this dress is size 5. I just need to drop an inch then I won't have to return this dress. I am pretty confident with my physique. I believe I have an acceptable shape. I own a 36 C cup bra and I have a pretty slim figure. I am not bothered with some cellulite here and there, everyone have that even some celebrities.  I am also quite tall around 5'7.5 to 5'8. If I go to an ordinary school, I'd be famous.

I am so excited to walk the hallway wearing this amazing dress. I am thrilled to see their faces mesmerized by my newly transformed self. And I am most excited to know my new name- The Elegant princess? The Pretty Lady in Black? Or maybe, The Beautiful Outsider?

"Ahhh! I can't wait to go to school!" I cried in enthusiasm. This is the first time in forever that I am actually looking forward to go to school. I put light make up on; some face powder on my pale skin, light eye shadow and dark brown eyeliner on my round almond shaped eyes, a rosy pink blush on my chubby cheeks, a little nose line on my tall straight edged nose, and a pink lip gloss on my bow-shaped lips. I also curled my natural black straight hair and sprayed Pure seduction Victoria Secret cologne around my body. After the makeover, I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. I look stunning! Totally beautiful. I put on my 3 inches stiletto heel glittery black shoes and I'm ready to go!

I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my mom is preparing breakfast. I went towards my dad to the dining table to ask him to give me a ride. The kitchen is adjacent to the dining table. It has all the wooden cabinets and drawers around it. The refrigerator just on the side of the counter, a few steps away from the dining table. The countertop has the flat stove on it and other appliances that we need in the kitchen.  We also have the center counter where the sink is located and the dishwasher beneath it. It's a small kitchen for a small two level house. I am the only daughter so we only have 4 seats, an extra one for a visitor. I saw my dad reading New York Times newspaper and sipping black coffee.  

"Good Morning Daddy!" I kissed my dad on the cheek. 

" Good Morning to you too, Darling." He smiled at me and pat my back. "Why don't you sit down and join us for breakfast?"

"I'm afraid I can't. I am keeping my weight down for my dress, It's an inch smaller my size." I explained.

" Oh no, you can't!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat even a little" He stood up and pulled the chair from the table.  "Now go sit, Dearie" He insisted.

"Oh Okay. But just a little." 

I walked to my mom to give her a good morning kiss. She's at the counter stove cooking breakfast. I can smell the food and it smells delicious.  "Good Morning, mom." I kissed her and gave her a side hug.

She turned and kissed me on the forehead "Good Morning to you too, sweetie." 

I turned behind and walked to the center counter where the sink is, and washed my hands. The counter has 3 seats on the side and a sink on the opposite side. It also has cabinets underneath where we keep the cutlery and plates.

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