Chapter 56

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Minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days. And days turn to weeks. A few weeks after you and Josh had Darrel for the first night, something you weren't expecting happens. You were sitting with Josh, Henry, Darrel, and Rosie all on your big bed while the kids played when the woman who is Darrel's social worker, Samantha, walks in. "Excuse me but I need to speak with Josh and Savannah alone please" she says, clearly to Henry. "Anything you wanna say to us you can say in front of him" Josh says before you or Henry has a chance to respond. "Um, okay well.. I have some bittersweet news for the both of you." She says, and then goes on to say "this morning Darrel's mom woke up from her coma, and is expected to make a full recovery within the next few days. It's really a miracle." You automatically feel your stomach drop. They had told you and Josh that the chances of her making it out of the coma were slim to none, so you had expected to be Darrel's foster parents for a lot longer, possibly even adopt him eventually. "So what does that mean for us.." Josh says quietly. "It means that you will care for Darrel until she is physically and mentally stable enough to care for a young boy" the social worker says, "as for long run.. It kinda depends. If she's open to having you continue to see Darrel and if you guys want to that's totally okay, but if she doesn't want you to see him there's not much we can do about it." You feel like crying. You're happy for Darrel and happy things worked out with his mom, but you're going to miss him so much. As soon as the social worker leaves, you do start crying, as Josh holds you and holds back the tears in his own eyes. The next morning you get a call that she's made an almost full recovery by some miracle, and you have to bring Darrel down to her after she's discharged. You gather all of the things Josh had bought him minus the crib, putting them in a bag. "Darrel, are you ready to go see your mom?" Josh asks him, trying to sound excited but failing. "Mommy?" He asks, clearly confused. "Yeah buddy, your Mommy is all better! You get to go home with her today" Josh answers. You take one of his hands, Josh takes the other, grab his bags, and walk down to the front of the hospital. You're sitting waiting for Samantha, who's coming with his mom when all of a sudden you hear "Darrel!!" You all three turn around and see a woman in a wheel chair coming towards you as fast as she can. "MOMMY!" He says, waddling towards her and you watch bitter sweetly as they meet and she takes him in her arms. You and Josh slowly walk to where they were. "You must be Josh and Savannah" she says with a smile. You both nod, and she continues "Samantha told me how protective and caring you were with him. I will never be able to thank you enough." "Don't mention it," Josh says, "it was our pleasure. You've raised an outstanding little boy" you end up talking with her for a little while, finding out that he's never really had a father figure because as soon as his moms boyfriend found out she was pregnant, he left. You find out she's a struggling single mother, and she offers to let you see Darrel at any time. "Really?" You say, happy she's being so nice. "Of course!" She says. "Well here's a few bags of clothes and toys and stuff we bought for him, I'm sure he has favorites but I don't want to just get rid of it. You guys hand her the bags and there's instantly tears in her eyes. She then goes on to tell you how she's never had enough money to buy him a bunch of toys or more than just a few outfits, and how she has to get almost everything at second hand stores and how he has always slept in her bed with her because she didn't have money or space in her tiny apartment for a crib. Josh then pulls the social worker aside and comes back a moment later and says, "go shopping, find yourself a new apartment with a nice bedroom for both of you, then go find stuff to furnish it, with appliances and luxury items, get some nice new clothes for both of you, and anything else you need. Don't worry about the expenses, I have it covered. And I'll also be putting aside some money for his future schooling so you don't have to worry about that later okay?" She shocked, her face is in pure aw and then she starts crying. "I could never accept that" she says, but after a little insisting, Josh convinces her to do it as his gift to her for letting you guys be apart of Darrel's life. Eventually you have to say goodbye and you part ways with Darrel, who finally gets to go home with his mommy.

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