"Hey cutie." Emily said to Niall. I sighed quietly but still didn't give her too much attension. I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye. I tried to avoid it until she said "Why are you sitting with that thing."

That was it. I was just about to stand up and yell until I was cut off to an Irish voice. "Okay, I have three problems. 1) I dont fucking like you! 2) Ariana is not a thing! And 3) She is my friend!"

I couldn't help but blush, that was so sweet. I heard her sigh dramatically as she walked away. Suddenly I felt a warm pair of hands touch the top of mine. A rush ran through my body as I noticed it was Niall's. "Are you okay?" He said in a nice calm voice.

I nodded in return and replied. "Yeah."


Suddenly I stood up as she called a Ari a thing and started yelling at her. Eventually she walked away. Thank god! I looked over at Ari just to see the cute blush which appeared on her face.

I smiled softly until my hands moved on top of her hands. Uhh, Niall? "You okay?" I said calmly. She nodded back to me and replied "Yeah."

I smiled a bit and nodded. "Good, don't let bitches like her bring you down. They are not worth it." I saw her nod again. Eventually the bell went, I looked up at the brunette as she got up. I smiled to myself and stood, watching her walk away.

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