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Pen Your Pride

Part 6

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Michael woke up early and wrapped his arms around Elizabeth and she woke up smiling and said "Michael darling what you did to me last night was amazing and you really impressed me baby." And he said "Elizabeth baby what you let me do to you last night was amazing and you really impressed me darling." And she pulled him close and whispered in his ear and said "Michael you have me in a deep spell please make me yours forever because I just can't stop loving you." And Michael said Elizabeth can we talk honey?" And she said "Anytime baby." And he said "Well it's a long story but to make it short I love you more than just a friend." And she smiled and said "Michael I feel the same way please tell me that we don't have to be friends with benefits anymore because I love you very much now and what if you found someone new?" And he said smiling "We don't have to be and I love you so very much and I will never want anyone else because your mine and mine only." And she pulled him close and started kissing him and he pulled away and said "Elizabeth I think I want to make you my wife." And she laughed and said "You think?? Don't leave me here waiting forever because I want you to be mine forever and ever and I want to be known as Mrs.Jackson and he smiled and said "I know that I want to make you my wife and I would never ever leave you waiting forever and oh baby I'm all yours and also you will be my Mrs.Jackson because I want you to be my Mrs.Jackson." She smiled and got up and said "I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have a man as sweet and caring as you and god gave me that wonderful gift." He looked at her and pulled her to his face with his lips barley touching his and said "I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you be in my life and comfort me when I really needed it and god gave me you as my gift." He put her on his lap and started kissing her neck softly multiple times. He asked her "shall we go downstairs and get some breakfast or do you want to stay in here?" And she said in a sexy voice "baby I want to stay in here with you." And he said "Ok sounds good to me" and she said "Michael can I have you for breakfast??" And he grinned and said "Whatever you want soon to be my Mrs.Jackson." She leaned in for a kiss but he grabbed her and held her tight and rocked her in his arms bridal style just like when she fell and she said "Michael you are such a wonderful person I mean I fell yesterday and no one has ever treated me as sweet as you did." And he smiled and said "That's because I love you very much I can't even describe my passion for you or your beauty god created a perfect woman that I love so much and I'm gunna take good care of her." And she laughed and said "Oh Michael I love you so much I'm glad we decided last night or we probably wouldn't have fallen in this much love with each other." He smiled and said "My dear I have fallen in love with you so much over the years and I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid." And she asked "Afraid of what Michael??" And he said "Afraid that you never loved me in this way and that I told you that I would lose you." Elizabeth smiled and said "To be honest with you Michael I felt the same way but now that you shared that with me I'm not afraid anymore because I'm in perfect hands now." And he smiled and said "Baby I'm so glad that we are on the same page." She smiled and pulled Michael close to her and said "We will always be on the same page from now on and into our wonderful future." Michael smiled and got off the bed and said speaking of future he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring and said "Elizabeth Taylor I love you so very much, will you maybe marry me??" Elizabeth got so excited that she started to cry and Michael said "Baby please don't cry I need you and I love you." And she smiled and said "Yes Michael I will marry you."

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