*Part 34*

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***Justin's POV***

I'm worried about Aladrian already. She doesn't want to eat. She has to eat. When I picked her up, she was so light. It was like picking up a piece of paper. She needs food. She needs McDonalds.

I walk upstairs to her room and I open the door. I see her sleeping with her bear. She's so cute.

Y- Jay...

I turn around to see *y/n*.

Jay- You scared me. Yes?

Y- Let's go to McDonalds.

Jay- We should wait a while. She just went to sleep.

Y- Okay.

We walk downstairs. I turn on the TV. Ugh, TMZ.

T- Justin and *y/n* spotted at an adoption center and come out with a little girl. Are they responsible enough to take care of th-

I cut it off.

Y- I know. Its gonna be okay.

Jay- Its stressful.

Y- Calm down. Please?

Jay- Okay.

She scoots under my arm and I rub her back. Maybe I do need to calm down and have fun with my two favorite girls.

1 Hour Later

I sit there with *y/n* sleeping with her head on my lap. Is Dria up yet? I hear footsteps on the tile floor and I turn around to see her coming down the stairs.

A- Hi daddy.

Jay- Hey baby.

She walks over to the couch and sits next to me.

A- I'm hungry.

Jay- Okay hold on.

I shake *y/n*.

Jay- Wake up.

Y- Hmm?

J- Let's go to McDonalds.

Y- Okay!

She gets up and runs upstairs.

Jay- Aladrian...

A- Yes?

Jay- You need these sunglasses. There are people that will take pictures of us and there will be bright lights. I don't want you to go blind so wear these, okay?

A- Okay daddy.

Jay- Good.

*y/n* walk downstairs.

Y- I'm ready.

We all put on our sunglasses in advance.

Jay- Leggo!

I pick Dria up and I put her in the car seat I bought her. I hope she likes it.

Y- Do you like your car seat?

A- Yes!

Jay- Good.

I start the car and I drive to a nearby McDonalds. We get out and we are surrounded by paparazzi. I hate these guys.

"Justin why are you here?"

Jay- To get food, duh...

"Justin who is this little girl?"

Jay- My daughter. Don't ask her questions.

I pick her up.

"Justin did you adopt her?"

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