Mean Girls and Cruel Thiefs

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The next day she went the right way, but something had obviously already arrived before she did. Different from all the other creatures, this one was dark and instead of being colourful and decieving, had an instant aura of pure evil. Once closer she realised it looked like a version of herself only shorter. It's tail was a deep purple that matched its long dark hair. It swam in circles as if guarding something.

Hiding behind a rock, which was actually a rock (she checked) she peeked out and saw that this creature had a human face. One that she knew. Too well. It turned to face her. Paige moved out from behind the rock to meet its small black eyes. Kara. A much scarier version, but still definitely her.

She began to speak, "What took so long? Get lost? Time's almost up you know." When she didn't reply, Kara shot a sharp stream of water at Paige that shoved her into a rock. Paige didn't know she was able to do that and copied her action, twice as hard and Kara flew back.

Realizing she didn't have much time as the sun was setting, she tried something new which sent Kara spinning landing in a pile of sharp coral. She was almost at the entrance but Kara blocked her path. "You don't always get what you want you know," she sneered.

Puzzled at this she asked Kara why she hadn't already taken the crown before she got here. "What and miss your reaction when you realise you were the one that let your sister die, I don't think so."

The way she said this with such ease frustrated Paige and she slapped her in face with such force that left a bright red tail mark on her cheek.


Satisfied, she swam through the entrance with Kara now on the ground holding her face.

The cave got darker and darker as she went through but what she saw at the end blinded her in its beauty. She breathed a sigh of relief, she'd finally found everything she had been looking for.

She swam up it, glistening emerald jewels in different shapes covering almost the entire thing. Tentatively she reached for the crown holding it securely all the way back up to the surface as if she really was holding her sisters life in her arms.


She set it carefully down on her towel looking around, satisfied no one was around she picked up her phone to see that she had 9 missed calls, five from her mum, one from the hospital and three from her dad.

Shocked she looked at the time, quarter to 6, she had fifteen minutes to save her sisters life.

She turned to pick up the crown but saw a man in dark clothes running off with it. "STOP!"

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