Absolutely random....story!

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This story was going to be a script for a play, but i made it into a wierd story. adding bits in here and there, and characters that weren't supposed to be in this. AT ALL!! anyway enough of my blabbering let's get on with the story!

Setting: Evelyn's Cave


Princess Julia Potato, Evelyn the Vampire, Vitruvius the blind man, Teal and Ender the hunters and other characters.

the scene starts with Evelyn throwing Julia in the dungeon. Julia stands up, then falls over and starts throwing up bunnies!!! then dies. Teal and Ender fail their mission of trying to protect her. the end!! Vitruvius is wondering around and starts walking up a wall and onto the ceiling, then continuosly bangs into another wall. Then Vitruvius falls off the ceiling and snaps his neck on impact with the floor and dies and becomes ghost Vitruvius.Evelyn gets shot in the back by a juicy stake... no a wooden stake, dies and then comes back alive as a cute little girl who hates everything!!! then she gets shot in the back by a bounty hunter!? When were bounty hunters in this story anyway? oh wait Ender and Teal.....NO THEY WERE HUNTERS!!!!! the bounty hunter shoots Ender and Teal as they enter the cave. They die too.

Evelyn comes back alive, only to get shot again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again until she falls over...DEAD!! the bounty hunter leaves because he got bored. Vitruvius comes back alive and fixes his neck and starts walking up a wall....Julia is reincarnated by a ghost. Vitruvius is walking on the ceiling again and then starts having a tea party with stuffed heads...teddy bear heads. Ender and Teal come back alive as zombies, HUNTING ZOMBIES!!!!! Vitruvius becomes bored and so falls off the ceiling, snaps his neck and dies again. then Julia's mother and father, the King and Queen, walk in to see Julia standing in front of them looking mischevious. Julia pulls a shotgun out of her stomach and shoots her mother and father...DOUBLE KILL!!!!!

Vitruvius comes back alive a third time, fixes his neck and has a tea party with some skeletons. he is talking gibberish to one of them. he says" apples, ducks, cars, apricots, mangos,planes,knife!!!" One of the skeletons grabs a plastic knife and stabs Vitruvius. Vitruvius laughs maniacally and shakes the skeletons foot, then dies. Then with a puff of smoke becomes Gandalf. And he says "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!" Then with another puff of smoke, becomes.......(dun, dun daahhhhhh!!!!!) DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!! Dumbledore says "im DUMBADORE!!!!" before, with another puff of smoke, becomes MALIFICENT!!? then becomes Vitruvius again. Vitruvius walks up a wall, onto the ceiling and then starts walking in circles, then dissapears through a portal.

Evelyn is somehow alive again!? anyway she goes out into the night to get some party supplies, only to get bitten(which makes her really happy) and come back with some supplies. she didnt bring back half the supplies, including green tea, coffee, vodka and other substances. they have a party. they are sitting down at the table when Vitruvius suddenly decides to drop in(literally). He crash lands on the table and starts explaining he went to Cloud KooKoo land and then everything went horribly wrong and the special died so he used a portal to get back here. he hopped off the table into the supplies box and falls through the supplies box into another portal. a minute later he pops back through with batman,well more like batman's cape in tow, and announces that he saved batman! Evelyn shakes her head in dissappointment and Julia laughs. Batman all of a sudden pops through the supplies box with...STEVE!!??...in tow. then Herobrine  appears followed by Notch, Superman,Sonic,Green lantern, Princess Unikitty, Wildstyle, Gandalf,Dumbledore, a space guy and about 5 others including Wonder Woman and Cleopatra. They all join in on the party....until some partycrashers appear!! but who are they??

catch on to the next  story im going to release shortly to find out who the party crashers are!!

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