Grandad Creak's Wonderful Week

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Chapter 1

Grandad Creak

Summer is a wonderful time of year. The sun shines, the days are longer and best of all school is over. All that was a bonus to young Oscar who went to his Grandad’s house every day in the summer. To most young boys, playing football in the park or fishing in the stream were hobbies in the summer but to Oscar it was a time to be helpful and he liked to help his Grandad around the house. Normally his parents would see to this but as it was summer and he had a lot of time on his hands he jumped at the chance to see his Grandad.

        Sunday morning was the same as every morning had been for the last five weeks and Oscar was now in his final week before going back to school. Oscar and Grandad had got into a usual routine over the holiday and they had both perfected it.

        Oscar would walk to the front of the gate at precisely nine o’clock every morning. The front garden had bloomed under the summer sun and a thin pathway weaved through the flowers and plants towards the bright red front door.

        Grandad’s cottage was a marvellous sight. It was situated in a very small village at the top of the hill in the countryside. It had a thatched roof and all the hallmarks of a classic English house.

Oscar opened the front door and let himself in, as was custom. Grandad was sat in his chair in the corner of the living room. Behind his half moon spectacles his eyes glistened with happiness at the sight of his grandson.

        “Oscar my boy, how do you do?” he boomed.

        “How do you do Grandad, how are you?”

        “I am well thank you. My back is hurting a lot though this morning, we may have to put off the gardening until this afternoon”

        “No problem Grandad, you take it easy, it’s what I am here for”

        “You are good to me Oscar” said Grandad beaming.

        The first thing Oscar and Grandad would do was to have a pot of tea. As Grandad was very old he was not very mobile and was mainly confined to his chair in the living room, if ever he did get up to move it was the shortest of distances and he would have to take his zimmer frame. Oscar didn’t mind doing most of the chores on his own as he had learned a lot along the way.

        “Use the large pot today. I am so sorry you are not out with your friends on a day like this dear boy”

        “Don’t be silly Grandad, I like being here” said Oscar as he rifled through the cupboards by his knees. His hands settled on a large teapot that had various flowers on it. Using both hands he levered it out of the cupboard and onto the kitchen table.

        “What cups shall we use today Grandad?” Oscar called.

        “Surprise me dear boy!” responded Grandad in the living room.

Oscar looked through the cupboards by his head this time and came across some cups he had not seen before. They were a light blue colour with white detail on them. They felt strangely dry and different from the other cups.

        “What are these blue cups Grandad?”

        “A-ha my boy, those are cups your Nan made many years ago when she worked at a pottery factory called Wedgwood. She made all of them you know”.

        “I’ve never seen them before, are we ok to use them?” asked Oscar.

        “Of course, she wouldn’t mind at all” said Grandad.

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