Niall woke up the next morning, only to be hit in the brain with memories of the previous night.

Were he and Louis really.. Flirting?

Niall stood up from the bed and ran his hands through his hair. He sighed and made his way into the bathroom; taking a quick shower before heading out into the main room.

"Harry?" He called but heard no answer. "Harry? You in here?" He checked the kitchen along with Harry's bedroom, but there was no sign of him. Or Louis.

At that exact moment the door opened; and in came Harry with Louis trailing behind him.

"Hey Niall, sorry we went out to get breakfast." Harry stretched his arms and walked into the living room, flopping down on the couch.

Louis quietly closed the door and stood close to Niall; sticking his hands in his pockets and looking at a blank looking Niall.

"You-" Niall placed his hand on his hip. "You went out for breakfast?"

"Um." Louis started but Harry turned around and intervened.

"Don't blame him, I asked him to come. We would have asked you but you're kind of a grumpy riser." Harry clicked his tongue a few times.

Niall stared at Harry incredulously. "Whatever Harry." He headed to his bedroom, then stopped. "And stop clucking your tongue, you sound like a damn chicken...Making me hungry." He slammed the door and sat on the floor with his head on his hands, the anger, pain, and jealousy joining together to create hate. Hate for one person in particular.

The sound of laughter was heard through the door and Niall had the urge to scream and punch the wall.

He bolted upright and kicked the door. "FUCK YOU!"

"Love you Nialler." Harry taunted, and Niall could very well hear the smirk in his voice. "Right Lou?"

Louis laughed nervously, "yeah." He didn't mean it. He would never mess with Niall that way but Harry was someone you just instinctually followed.

After hearing the agreement of Louis, Niall only saw red. He couldn't control his anger, the hurt, the neglect he felt from Harry was unbearable. Everything boiled up in his chest and all apologies shared between him and Louis were suddenly forgotten. He wasn't only upset about the breakfast, he felt replaced, unwanted and alone.

Balling his fists the blonde swung the door open and charged for the cerulean eyed boy, jumping him and tumbling along with him off the couch. They rolled until Louis was straddled by Niall, his eyes wide in fear.

"Niall what the fuck!?" Harry was heard in the background but was ignored by the angry boys.

Niall straddled him for a moment longer; preparing his arm to punch Louis. He was suddenly yanked off the brunette and tossed on the couch.

He shot daggers at Harry. "Stay out of this Harry. This is none of your business." He growled.

"I think it is when it's happening in my living room." Harry crossed his arms. He turned to inspect Louis and helped him off the ground.

"I'm so tired of all you fucking bastards!" Niall exploded; catching the attention of Harry and Louis. "I don't care who you are or where you came from, it would have all been better if you never showed up in the first place!" Niall directed a finger to Louis while yelling.

"Niall! That's enough!" Harry stepped in front if Louis. Making the blonde scowl in absolute disgust.

"I hate you." He muttered. He watched as Harry's face fell but felt not regret.

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