Avia's Pov

" You forgot this in my room "   Harry holds out my white iphone5 and thats when I realize that I didnt have my phone on me. How could I have forgotten my phone?!? It's like my baby, I take that thing everywhere I go and I have never forgotten it, not even once. 

"Oh..uhm.. thanks...didn't even realize i left it back there"  

I can't bring myself to look away from his deep stare. Those eyes...they keep me in some kind of trance. Or maybe it's the fact that his eyes reminds me so much of my Dad's...except Dad's eyes were a dark greenish yellow and Noodles-for-hair over here has a sort of light green eyes that seem to be full of life.

"Wait a minute...Why the FUCK were you in his room Avia!"

Gabe all of a sudden yells at me like I've just committed a crime. What's it to him that I went in his room? It was just an accident..But I couldn't bring myself to answer him. No matter how long we've been friends, and how close we are, whenever he yells at me, I get too intimidated by him.

" I..I..Uh..It was..It.-"

"She went into my room by accident. She was looking for the bathroom and she just forgot her phone in my room. No big deal mate calm down." Harry saves me the trouble and answers for me. 

" SHE CAN ANSWER FOR HERSELF."  Hold up. There shouldn't even be a problem here, I don't understand why he's so pissed off.  

"Why are you so mad?!? I don't understand.. I didn't even do anything wrong." Harry's eyes got a shade darker and that terrified me. Gabe has always been like this. ever since we've met, He's always been so over protective of me and sometimes it gets on my nerves how angry he can get when I do something he doesnt like. 

"Look Gabe. She didn't do anything wrong now calm the fuck down." 

"Avia I don't want you to interact with this...this...guy.. anymore you got me? Stay away from him" He tells me sternly. And I lose it.

"NO YOU'VE GOT TO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CAN CONTROL ME LIKE THAT .YOU'VE DONE THAT SO MANY TIMES, TELLING ME WHO I CAN AND CANNOT BE FRIENDS WITH. NO MORE GABE STOP OVER REACTING."  This isn't the first time Gabe's told me to stay away from someone. He's done it many times and it has got to stop. 

"Look ...Gabe... I'm sorry ok it was an accident and it won't happen again but-"

"Won't happen again? You seriously can't be letting him control you like that." Harry's right. I can't let Gabe continue to control me like that.

"Actually...You're right.... Gabe you can't control me like - " I was cut off mid sentence with a slap across the face. I can't believe Gabe just slapped me. He has never hit me before..ever.. I can't help the tears that spill over as I grab my stinging face and look up through blurry vision to see Gabe's horrified expression like he didn't mean to do that.

"Avia i'm..I'm ... I'm sorry I didn't mean that"  And with that I ran out of the room.

"HOW FUCKING DARE YOU HIT A GIRL LIKE THAT"  was the last thing I heard as I bolted through the still on going party and out on the streets. I ran and ran until I felt like I was going to puke. I can't believe Gabe hit me. I still can't believe that. How dare he after all we've been through, I've trusted him so much to never hurt me, and here we are in a different country that he then decides to lose my trust. 

I'm lost and I have no one to call,I don't even have money on me.. I mostly depended on Gabe when the thought of running away came up.I didn't think I'd end up on the streets of london at night..alone.. 



Author's Note

Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a bit,I was on a roadtrip and I was pretty busy this week(:

But thanks for reading! don't forget to vote! Love you all<3


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