~Alexis POV~

After all of our planning and preparation, its finally the day we are hosting a tea party for the spanish kingdom. We are all going to wear red and gold dresses. MIne is red strapless chiffon dress with a golden design on the middle of the body. NIna puts my hair into a perfect curled waterfall braid. 

We all look similar in our dresses and all of our hair is done in the same way. We also all wear a red petunia in our hair to ientify us as the hosts. We make our final rounds around the building we out up for this event.

We make tiny adjustments then we make our way to the entrance to welcome our guests. First, the royal family arrive. I smile and curtsy to the Queen and King, I smile and wave at Kiara but when it comes to the Prince I just acknowledge him with a small fake smile an a curtsy. He nods and then continues inside. 

When the Spanish kingdom arrive we all curtsy and welcome them. We direct them to their seats by the royal family. Once eveyone is seated I look over at thee royal family. The Queen is talking to the Queen of the Spanish Kingdom, The King looks like his eyes are going to pop out, Kiara is enjoying her time with the prince of Spain and Drew, well he's staring at me with sorrowful eyes. 

Kiara and the Prince of Spain make their way to me. I curtsy to them , "Princess Kiara are you enjoying the party?" I ask curiously. "It's been wonderful, Prince Shane here wanted to meet one of the people who prepared this." I turn to who I assume is Prince Shane. I curtsy again. 

"Is there something wrong with the party your majesty?" "No, no I just wanted to thank you for creating this and for bringing my mother and Queen America together." "May i ask why?''

"My mother was a friend of the Queen and was also in the selection for King Maxon." I stare blankly at him hardly blinking. I see Drew coming over so I try to get away. "It was a pleasure speaking to you Princess Kiara and Prince Shane but I'm afraid I must attend to something now. " They nod and I curtsy, trying to get away to Iris as fast as I can. 

"Lady Alexis." I turn around and I see none other than the Queen of Spain and her eldest son. I curtsy and she smiles. "Is there something wrong your majesty?" "Of course not, its absolutely perfect I'm just wondering why mine didn't turn out like yours." 

"I'm Queen Celeste and this is my son, Prince Alex." "Its a pleasure to meet you both, I'm Lady Alexis." 

"You remind me so much of Queen America." I smile and she smiles back. "Not meaning to be rude your majesty but may I ask why you came to me?" I ask obviously confused. "Ah I came to introduce myself and my son and to congratulate you on the success of your party. Though my son here came for different reasons." With that said she waks away smiling leaving me with Prince Alex.

"¿Está todo bien su majestad" (Is everything okay your majesty?)

"Usted puede hablar español?" (You can speak spanish?) I nod then transfer to english.

"Yes I can." "Would you like to join me on this dance?" He asks while scratching the back of his neck. "Of course." He smiles at me showing his perfect white teeth.

We ended up dancing with each other the rest of the day.

They are apparently staying til the end of the selection. 

Drew makes his way to me, oh well now I can't go run to iris since I'm sitting in the middle of the rose garden. I stand and curtsy. 

"I saw that you enjoye your time today." I nod, "Did you enjoy it?" "I did, but I could have enjoyed it better." 

I sigh and sit back down suddenly getting tired. "Really our majesty? You seemed to enjoy yourself with the princess of spain." even if its dark I can tell that he is blushing. 

"I could say the same about you and prince Alex." My cheeks flush and I turn around. "You know that if you do like him you can leave the selection and go with him." "What makes you think that I want to go with him." "You blushed when I mentioned him." 

"So? I'm not used to being around males." He doesn't look convinced but lets it go. "As you said I could say the same to you. You can end the selection and get married to the Princess of Spain. Is her name Elina I'm not sure?" I ask sarcastically.

Why is he acting like this. 

"It's getting cold you rmajesty may I go back to my room now?" He snaps out of his daze and nods. I walk to the palace hands sliding up and down my arms trying to create some heat. 

~Le next morning~

"So did you talk to Drew? Did you give in and confess your never dying love for him? Did you reject again? Personally I hope that its the latter." "It was the latter." 

Kiara laughs whole-heartedly.

Today the second group are hosting a party for the french. 

~At the Party~(I'm so lazy)~

The french party theme is blue and white.I walk arms linked with Pandora and Iris to the back gardens behind the lake. We are greeted by who I think is Haylie Waters. She tries to put on a smile but I can tell that she despises me. 

I must say that it doesn't look that bad but the feeling in ours is more festive. We are greeted by the whole of the french family. Iris, Pandora and I all curtsy and greet them. When I rise from my curtsy I  can see the prince of France, Prince Alex, And Prince Drew all staring at me. My cheeks redden a bit and I pull Iris and Pandora away from everyone. 

"Why did you pull us away?" Iris asks. "3 of the Princes were staring at me. I'm sorry that I felt uncomfortable." Iris turns around and then turns back. "I can see your point since they are all still staring." I sigh and walk to the exit. "Are you going to stay here? I'm going to sit by the lake." Iris and Pandora nod and walk to a group of other girls. 

I take a seat by the lake, fortunately not the same one.

I tilt my head and stare at the picturesque view. 

I can hear the faint sound of footsteps and that wakes me from my thoughts. 

I turn around and see the Prince of France there. 

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