♦ Jack, what is your reaction about the Janna or JackXAnna and Jackstrid or JackXAstrid? ♦ 

Jack: Um well ._.  

Elsa: Its fine c: 

Jack: Well...

Merida: Jesus Christ, Jack just open your mouth already >.>

Hiccup: *snores* 

Rapunzel: *pokes Hic* Oi. Oi. Oi.

Jack: I guess I'm a bit shocked? Cause I'm not really that close to them as much as I am to Elsa. And also, I don't even know how to put up with Astrid o-o I'm more terrified than her than Merida. >.>

Merida: Maybe you're forgetting we're in the same room, Frost. -.- *cracks knuckles* 

Jack: o-o Joking. Joking. Joking. 

Merida: Thats what I thought -.- 

Elsa: *braids Hic's hair with Rapunzel*  

Jack: Oh and Anna I guess she's better with Kristoff or someone else that is not me nor Hans. *chuckles* *whispers* It can be Hiccup ya know. But sadly there's Merida. xD

Merida: What'd you say, lass? *raises an eyebrow*

Jack: Nothing, ma'am. ._. 

Rapunzel: Well thank you for asking! 

Hiccup: *wakes up* Wha? What did I miss? e-e 

Elsa: Everything xD *laughs* 

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