Hey diary my name is Clare Wilson. And I have decided to name you Glamorous. I will start with me shifting. I shifted to New York from Ohio. And now I have to go to this Former High School. So it's my first day in Former High School. But it surprised me to see their hall. It was not made at all! All cement was falling from the ceiling and the bricks were wrecked. And I am like @&:$/&.?:!/8???? then a soft voice came from somewhere "Say password". And I know that was the headmistress. "Former High School Clare Wilson (we have to say our name after the password)" I said. "Former High School Clare Wilson" repeated the headmistress. And a purple doorway opened. I entered and oh what a place! ''This was not a school at all! Wait I am just kidding! :) it was a school but it looked like a celebrity's house! I was walking and suddenly bumped into someone. "Are you crazy?!" That girl shouted "I am going to tell the headmistress! You don't have any manners! I do not like irresponsible people! Get out of here!" I was not afraid(as usual) and shouted "you think you are the best?! Huh? You think you are the principal's daughter?! You get out you dummy!" But that girl turned out to be Jennifer Diana,the meanest girl in the whole world. " you want a punishment right?" She said in a soft voice " you want me to stick you on the wall with my chewed chewing gum and try to pull off your skin right?" Suddenly she shouted " I am the principal's daughter and you are a new scum who doesn't know manners and is irresponsible and i shall soon throw you out and give you as many punishments I can because I am the only girl in this school who knows everything!" She yelled at me so hard that my ear almost fell out. Then she marched away like an army soldier and snorted like a rhinoceros. I really thought she was a rhinoceros except she was thin. While this episode was going on everyone crowded around us and started gossiping. "That girl is stupid! I shouted and ran away from that place. I then lost my way and bumped into someone else. "OMG! Why can't I stop falling on other people?!" I screamed. But this time it was someone else. "May I help you?"said that person."I saw you fighting with Jennifer" So I ran all around the school and came in back in that spot , what a record I broke! I think I am going to fall. "I want to crash!" I said falling down. " you're Clare Wilson right?" She asked. "How did you know?" I asked back. But before she answered she dragged me to a room with three colours. Pink,purple and blue. The blue one had the name 'Dory' written on it. The purple one had the name 'Serena' written on it and the pink one had my name.... What?! My name! How did it come here! Suddenly that girl interrupted my thoughts. "My name is Dory. It is written on the blue one." That girl said and she entered the room. If you were me you would have fainted. But I did not. My jaws dropped. Dory saw them drop and said "how do like our room?" I was so spellbound I couldn't say a thing! Then suddenly a word came out of my mouth " A-MA-ZING!". As soon as those words came out a I heard a big boom. "This is the part when I say I don't want ya!" I knew that was Serena and I knew that song so I quickly continued "I'm stronger than I've been before!" Then Dory started doing some cool stunts and we all sang together " this is the part when I break free! Cause I can resist it no more!" " That was really cool! Now let's sing Roar! So we started singing.

"You held me down. But I got up! Already brushing off the dust."

"You hear my voice! You here that sound! Like thunder gonna shake the ground!"

"You held me down. But I got up. Get ready cause I've had enough."

" I see it all I see it now. I got the eye of the tiger, the fighter dancing through the fire"

"Cause I am a champion! And you're gonna hear me ROAR!!! Louder,louder than a lion cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR"

My first day went awesome! But my second was like my birthday.

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