"Ali, what the hell are you talking about?" Spencer said as she closed the distance between them, Aria and Hanna shared looks of confusion as to what the blonde had just confessed.

"No, no, you can see me?" Emily walked to one side of the room—still noting that Alison's eyes followed her—then she walked back in front of her, "This can't be happening. Why is this happening?" The brunette looked up, she hadn't heard from the voices in a while, they were probably all freaking out that she was breaking so many rules, but right now she needed help.

"Well, I can't see her fully, but she flutters into my vision every now and then, even then she's still very opaque," Alison said as she pointed to where Emily was standing. "She's right there, but now I can't see her... and now I can."

"Ali, you do realize this sounds crazy," Hanna said, she received a punch on the arm from Aria, "What, it does!"

"You sure you haven't been drinking?"

"Like I can afford to drink when there is a psychopath coming after me," Alison deadpanned.

"Wait, let's look at this rationally," Spencer said as she turned to both Hanna and Aria, Alison doing the same. "Let's say Emily is here with us right now, do you guys think it was her that messed with the lights?"

"Uh, this is going to sound crazy, but it kinda makes sense," Aria said as she shook her head and looked around the room, "I mean you said none of the switches were off in the fuse box and then they just happen to flicker back on... by themselves."

"It's an old place of course there are lighting problems," Hanna tried to reason. Emily needed to get some answers, she walked to the door and one last look back at the girls who were trying desperately to solve what was happening, then she left embracing the quiet and darkness of the woods.

"Alright guys, I know I haven't been the best ghost and I know that I've broken a lot of rules," She paced back and forth, flailing her arms around as she talked, "But you need to help me figure this out!"

Silence. Of course.

"Oh come on, I need your help! My first love just happens to be alive when everyone, including myself, thought she was dead and now everything is falling to pieces, I should be alive right now," She stopped still and looked up again, "Why was I so fucking weak?" It hit her all of a sudden, falling to the forest floor feeling pain tear through her body. A scream slipped from her mouth.


"Did you guys hear that?" Alison asked as she looked towards the window nearest the door.

"Yeah, actually I did."

"Do you think?" Hanna asked as she watched Aria get up from her position on the couch and walk to the door, she peered through it and saw nothing.

"There's nothing there," Hands clasped at her side, just before she turned away a glimpse of blue light could be seen a little way from the cabin. "Whoa..."

"What?" Spencer asked, she also got up and joined the brunette near the window.

"I just saw this blue light... come on," Aria gathered a jacket and one of the flashlights on the kitchen counter.

"Hey, wait," Spencer grabbed Aria, "How do we know this isn't just A?"

"No, I'm with Aria, we need to go see," Alison said as she too slipped on her own jacket, then handed Hanna hers, something tugged at her heart almost forcing her to go and do this.

"Ali, this could just be A trying to mess with us, I don't thin-"

"Spence, I felt her... I saw her, and I can't explain it all because I don't understand it either but I'm sure this has to be Emily," Alison pulled her hair out of her jacket and grasped the taller girl's hand reassuringly.

"So we are all going to go waltz out there and do what?" The brunette still wasn't willing to risk Alison's life to go see what this scream and blue light was, it wouldn't be the first time 'A' did something out of the ordinary to lure them into a trap.

"I don't know, but what I do know is when I saw Emily she had this blue smokey light around her, this isn't just a coincidence," She squeezed the brunette's hand, "Please trust me, this has to be her."

Spencer thought about it for a moment before also grabbing her jacket and a torch, "Alright... lead the way."


The pain radiated through every part of her body, making her squirm in discomfort, a gust of wind pulsed out of her violently throwing leaves away from her and leaving her collapsed on the damp forest floor. Only after a couple of minutes did the pain dim down to a consistent buzz running through her. She picked herself up from the floor and clutched at her chest, looking down she saw a faint red glow over her heart. What the hell? Emily poked and prodded at the light. Maybe that was the reason why her chest hurt the most from the painful experience she had just gone through.

"Okay... what the hell was that?"

"Emily, you need to leave the girls alone."

"Oh finally, you know for people who are supposed to help me on this whole 'finishing un-finished business', you guys really suck at it!"

"Emily, we are serious," The voices seemed to be more prominent than they ever have been, obviously something big was going on, but right now all the brunette could think about was the constant pain in her body.

"Yeah well so I am," She knew they weren't happy with her; Emily released a long sigh before trying again, "Alright, what is going on?"

"The line between the living and the dead is shifting."

Wow, okay, big news. Emily thought to herself.

"Wait, so is that why Paige could hear me? And why Alison could see me?" It was starting to finally make sense to the girl, in the months that she had been on earth in her ghostly form never once had she actually made contact with anyone. Until Paige. Then Alison. This shift was kinda – in a very big way – leaning towards her favour.

"Yes, we don't know how this is going to impact everything but until it passes you need to stay away-"

"Whoa, no! No I'm not staying away from anyone, I can finally get in contact with the girls and with Ali, no I'm not going anywhere," She forcefully stomped her foot, leaves flittered away from the motion, she wasn't about to run away from this opportunity to finally confess to Ali how much she loves her. She can finally tell everyone how sorry she is for killing herself, this was the chance to mend open wounds.

"Emily we are warning you, if you don't stay away... we'll have no choice but to bring you back up here until everything passes."

"No, no, please don't," She started pacing again, she can't go back up to that darkness, "Just let me experiment a little bit, and if it gets too dangerous I'll stop. I promise." Emily hadn't noticed the tears streaming down her face, why am I crying? Emily wiped at the ghostly tears and saw them dissipate into nothing; she hadn't been able to cry in her incorporeal form, so why was she about to now? Emily chalked it up to being this whole shift thing that was giving her somewhat human functions again.

"Fine, but we are going to be keeping a close eye on you." The buzzing from their talking silenced.

"Good talk," She released another sigh, and then turned around to head back to the cabin. Until she heard footsteps coming closer and saw the flashlights illuminating the place where she stood, she looked up to the top of the small hill and saw the four girls standing there.

"Whoa." Spencer, Aria and Hanna said in sync.

"What did I tell you, she's here."

Emily awkwardly swayed back and forth, not knowing how much or how well the girls could see her.



A/N: Alright so finally I kinda got a point for this story to go, and this time I'm gonna write it down. Hopefully nothing is too confusing. :) 

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