"So the boy was like 'Do you wanna go out sometime?' and then I'm like 'No way. Ew.'"

Bella was explaining to me and Rafa how her luncheon with her new friends went. No wonder why she didn't come. She had new friends.

"That's cool?" Rafa said, confused. The two of us had just been listening since we got here.

After the little incident in the car, I was completely shocked and the rest of the ride back to the hotel was driven in silence.

Neymar rushed back to his room. I honestly didn't know what exactly happened.

Did the break up? Like seriously?

"Cara." Bella said, snapping me back to reality.


"You homesick?" She asked. "You can go back to Barça if you want. I really don't mind if you want to leave. You seem to be stressed."

Rafa raised an eyebrow. Was she trying to get rid of me? So much for best friends.

"No. I'm fine. It's been fun so far." I caught her roll her eyes when I said this.

"Do you want to go out tonight? I heard there's this really cute restaurant in the heart of Rio." Bella asked the two of us.

Food would be good - to distract my thoughts of course. Should I be worried about Ney? Maybe we could invite him.

"We'd love to go." Rafa said. She was closer to me than I thought - reading my mind and all.

"I'll just go check the receptionist because I lost my key." I lied. I couldn't leave without asking Neymar to come. It would be like excluding him and all.

"Okay. Be back soon. I'm going to wear my new pumps. Rafa you want to see my shoe collection?"

Rafaella nodded unwillingly but followed Bella to her closet anyway.

I left the room and went down the hallway. Room 1010. I knocked three times.

"Um... Neymar? It's me Cara."

"Come in." I heard a low voice come from the other side. He had a room all to himself? Lucky he didn't have to share it with an disloyal female who thought she was a princess.

I entered the room. It was furnished with a large bed, draped in maroon covers, a 64" Samsung TV and a few drawers and closets. His room looked so comfortable. How unfair was this?

"Oh hey Cara." He said. He was lying on his bed watching some TV show.

"Thanks for the ride." Meu Deus why did I say that? I didn't seriously have to remind him again. I saw him twitch. "I was wondering if you want to come to dinner with us."

"Who's going?" He asked.

"Rafa, Bella and I." I answered, shuffling my feet. Hopefully he didn't mind Bella coming. I was prepared for him to decline the offer and my hand was on the doorknob.

"Yeah I'll be there. You guys go ahead. What restaurant?" He answered. He was coming? Thank The Lord because at least Rafa and I wouldn't be stuck with just Bella.

"We're going to Vida na Cidade. See you there." I left the room and sighed on the other side. I actually really wanted him to come. I didn't know why though.

I walked slowly back to the room. There was no use rushing because Bella would still be dressing.

I was looking down at my feet when I crashed into someone.

"Ow." Was this hotel hallway going to end up killing me with concussions?

"Oh my gosh. Sorry Cara!" It was Lucas. He held out his hand to help me up, which I gladly took.

"It's fine. I'm pretty used to this by now haha." I laughed awkwardly before meeting his sparkling blue eyes.

He smirked before running his hand through his blonde hair.

"Well, I was actually on my way to your room." I was confused. What?

"Er-why?" I asked.

"Um..." He shuffled with his feet nervously. "I was wondering if you want to go out sometime? Like the two of us?"

"You mean like" Was someone actually asking me out? I hadn't been on a date since- since a few days before I left Brazil.

"Yeah. Like a date. Tonight maybe?" He nodded and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Crap. Tonight? But I had plans tonight but Lucas was so nice but I was supposed to be with Neymar and Rafa and Bella but -

"Sure. Tonight's fine." Why did I say that? How come I couldn't say no? I had to start learning to say no to people ugh.

But I couldn't just back out. That would be rude.

"I'll meet you down there in an hour?"

"Okay. Bye."

I scurried to my room and locked the door behind.

"Rafa!" The brown haired chic appeared from behind the closet.

"Sorry I was just looking for clothes. You don't mind right?"

"Course not."

"Cool. How bout this dress?" She held up a green summer dress which matched her eyes perfectly.

"Perfect." I smiled. "Oh I sort of can't come with you guys later..."

"Huh? Why not?" She questioned and accidentally dropped the dress on the floor.

"Um, this guy, his name's Lucas, he sort of asked me out just then and I couldn't say no. He kind of saved me the other day and this way I can pay him back at least."

"That's not the only reason why you want to go." She wriggled her eyebrows. "You like him don't you?"

"No!" I slapped her playfully and we both started laughing.

"Let's get you ready."


We went downstairs and stood at the front entrance, waiting for Lucas.

"You girls go ahead. I'll be here for a while plus I need to fix up my hair." I told them.

"Are you sure?" Bella asked. I didn't get a chance to answer when she blew me a kiss and pushed Rafa to the cab.

"You're not going anymore?" A voice behind me asked.

"Oh hey Neymar." I forgot to tell him I wasn't going.

"Sorry." I managed to whisper. We stood in silence for a bit.

"Cara!" Lucas came and looked at me with an impressed face. "You look gorgeous as always."

I blushed at his compliment. "Thanks Lucas. You're being too kind."

"Well, I better get going. Who knows how crazy Rafa and your friend are going to be when they start drinking." Neymar saluted his way out and gave me a sad smile. I felt bad a and extremely guilty for leaving him. All of them. But I had someone to pay back.

"I'll see you later."

"Have fun." We watched him jog to his car and drive away.

"Well, should we get going?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah. We should."

A/N: Heyyyyy how are you's? Hope you like the story so far. I'm planning on writing a prequel to this book so stay tuned because then we get to go deep into what really happened to Cara and Neymar before she left Brazil.

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