Old Memories

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We came inside got everything settled and boy was I tired. I couldn't stop yawning so I excused myself to bed first, I slept in my old room when mom and I came to live here, grand had two extra bedroom for their other two, son and daughter.

"Come in," my mom entered and sat next to me,"So, I asked your two friend and you didn't tell me he was your boyfriend," when I heard her say that I almost forgot all about that. "I was just too happy to see you and I forgot all about it." I just wanted to blurt it out that he wasn't and that he was just the man who teaches me how to use dangerous weapons that can get you kill but it's only my mom, the one who don't know anything about me continuing our family generation, all she knows is I'm off somewhere near home working.

"Mom, I'm very tired, can we talk about this tomorrow. I really want to sleep." Or never talk about it. "Alright, goodnight," She just up and left the room in complete darkness. It was not a good night sleep at all.

*I woke up to the early sun, everything was in their normal places but something felt odd. Maybe I just haven't gotten use to that, I'm back at home in the same room I left alone for years. Yeah, maybe that's just it, but yet no matter how I thought about it just isn't quite right. The house, everything was just so quiet, too quiet. I got into the black flower robe sitting at the feet of the bed and out of the bedroom. No noise, maybe I just woken up before everyone, but no mostly right when the sun rises my mother would already be up. At the end of the hall there was a trail of something wet. It was blood. Blood? I follow the trail to the living room where the single square table sat, and there, heads down on the table, bloody lifeless bodies. Shino? Sakura? Grandfather/mother? Mom!?*

*I woke up with a scream, it was almost morning. It was just a nightmare. How come I'm having the same feeling? Except there was noise coming outside, maybe my mom was up, I decided to go out and check. At the same living room, no lifeless body, that's good. "Hello Chee." I turned around and there someone in all black, "I can't wait to meet you when you come down to meet me. Sister."

"Two dreams in one night? What do they mean?" The first one gave me chills the second one gave me a mini heart attack, "Sister?" I have a sister? "Should I ask or should i just leave it be?" Make sure it was just dreams I went out and check. You can hear the birds chirping, the beautiful landscape of the countryside. "You're up," Thank goodness they're alive. "Nightmare woke me up." He pat me on the head like I was kid, "Tell me?" First I told him about the second dream then the first, out of nowhere he pulled me in and gave me a hug. "Natsu!."

"You're here early Furu."

"My mom told me to come get some herds from grandmother Kyoto's garden."

I remember Furu when he was just a baby, 10 years ago when I last visited. I loved Furu as he was my own kid brother. Furu and his family live a mile away from where my grandparents live. Such a good kid he is. "Stay out of trouble Furu, don't give your mother a hard time okay." He is such an important kid in my life, "Bye Chee, come by later, and teach me more writing." He gave me a hug and left," Be careful!" I taught him how to read, I spent my 5 years and a half teaching this kid. It was great seeing him again.

"You know, he came up to me, want to know what he asked me? You would not believe."

"He asked you, when are you and I going to get marry." I laughed at his expression, "He asked Mitsuo the same thing, he told Furu after high school and college. The kid was happy to hear his answer, too bad it won't be coming true." I like it, when Shino acts shy and starts running his hand through his hair, I don't know why but I think it was cute, Mitsuo acts like he's tough and all just cause he's one of them popular kids.

"I told the kid I don't know when but it's gonna happen."

"You so did not!"

"Hey, he asked why not, it might be a lie, but hey the whole you-and-i-dating is already lying." I can't believe he lied to Furu, he can be such a big mouth sometimes, "He's going to go tell his parents like how he did with Mitsuo, god that kid loved Mitsuo. It's a good think he likes you too, too bad he's only seeing you for today and tomorrow."

"Oh, your mother them went with Sakura into town to buy some things for the house they won't be back till later."

"So did Furu get the herbs he wanted?"

"She gave it to him before they left.


Since everyone was out of the house I decided to show him around. We went behind the house into the deep woods until we came upon flowing waters. "I used to come here all the time with both my parents, we would always picnic here and eat whatever fish my dad got." The river flowing was music to my ears, the table my dad made was still there just older, the small fire place he made with the rocks he found. "I refused to go into the water after my very first experience." The reason why I never liked to go deep water.

"What happened?"

I sat by the bank of the river, just resting my feet in the water, "The water was so deep, I was so small, I was sitting playing with my ball, my parents were getting lunch ready when my ball slipped into the middle of the water, without thinking I went for it and next thing you knew I felt like I was being pulled down and along with the movements of the water." It went quiet for awhile there I thought he left.

"If this place brought back bad memories why did you bring me here?"

"It's just not the bad memories, it also bring back the goods, did you not hear what I just said."

The guys I talked to when they run their hand through their hair I thought to myself that it was annoying when they have nothing to say and that's all they do but Shino, he was different, something about him, something I can't figure out.

"I brought you here because I wanted to show you how beautiful this place is, the river, the bushes with pink and red roses, some yellow. I always liked to the watch the baby ducks swim around with their mother, how the trees bring so much shade down here and you can even see the sun set when it gets dark. The best is when you're out here late, you can see the stars, it's so beautiful."

"I can see how much this place mean to you."

He came and sat down next to me, "Let's do a little fishing," I watched as he walked to the middle of the river, more like a creek, "It's not that deep," of course, you're tall. The water was about half up to his waist. "No fishing pole?" He laughed and walked back to me, "Come on, I'll show how we do it," he pulled me up, "I'm not very good with deep," I wanted him to let go of my hands but he just tighten his grip as I pull back. "Come on, don't be afraid." I didn't dare to move my feet but he was to strong and started pulling me until I was face to face with him. "I got you, don't worry." One hand holding onto mines and one on my waist, he held on to me tight as we reached the middle.

The water cover most of my waist, even though it was not the deep I was still scare, "I'll show you how we fish where I came from," No idea where he came from, "Just be careful it's kind of slippery you know." I stood froze as I watched him "fish" in his style. He bend down so his face was close to the water. "What are you doing?" He didn't answer me so it means that it must be peace and quiet. He swung his hands so fast that next thing you knew, there in his hand, was a fish.

"What me to teach you?"

"I'm good, but we're gonna need more than that if you want it for breakfast."

He threw the fish to the grass and started fishing for more, "I'm gonna go back and put the fish in the old bucket next to the table," He didn't pay attention so I slowly moved my feet watching my steps as I walked back. The rocks under my feet were indeed very slippery. The thought of even slipping made my heart skip faster than usual, I didn't come here to slip and fall. Yes it wasn't that deep but I hated big water even though they feel refreshing. All these thinking made me...


I didn't watch my steps closely and stepped on them medium big rocks that was covered in dirty green slippery moss, "Are you alright?" I remember bringing Mitsuo here once, same thing happened all he did was laugh, "I'm fine," the feeling of being this close go Shino doesn't feel right but at the same time it does too but he was one of my sensei. "5 fishes, will that be enough?" 5? When did he get 5 already, he got some pretty fast hands. "Can you walk?" He released me from his grip when we got to the bank of the river. He grabbed the old straw bucket, put the fishes in, closed the top, dip the bucket into the water to give the fishes a little bath then we left back home.

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