Getting to Know Reece

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*Authors Note* Guyss!! I've missed you and writing so much. I can't believe i'm finally back and writing my own story. I'm super excited about it. I hope you all love it as much as I do. On another note i'm sorry that this took so long for me to finish. My life has been crazy so its hardly given me time to write. Anyways, pretty please comment and vote and discuss. Just you know do whatever. You're all amazing and yeah.
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Hi. My name is Reece Elizabeth Taylor. I know what you're thinking "Elizabeth Taylor"?  So my parents were vintage movie people, is that such a crime? I dont see the big deal. Well anyways I'm a Sophomore at Harbor High School. I have two best friends.

The first is April. We met in kindergarten while on the playground. Basically, we talked for about 2 minutes and then made a mutual descision to become best friends. Not that I regret my descision or anything but kids are way too trusting.

Then there is the lovely, the beautiful, the personality filled Mallory. Mallory and I met at a 2nd grade softball game. We asked to have a sleepover a few months later and that night sealed the fate of our friendship.

Then I introduced my best friends to each other. From the first perky word that came out of Mallory's mouth we knew we were all destined to be best friends. In fact on that very same day we made a pact to always stay together.

Once we entered high school we were determined to keep that pact alive. So as the year went on we stuck together like peanut butter and jelly (which ironically, I hate. I know, I'm weird). We quickly realized that we were some of the most popular girls. I guess Jr. High popularity really carries over.

Even though we kept our reputations up we wanted more. We wanted to be the leaders of the "A group". Now keep in mind that was the most coveted position in the entire school. The holder of that important title was none other than the despicable Kira Phillips.

Kira is your typical rich, snotty, overindulged brat. And you wanna know who made her that way? Allegra Nicole Peltier. The woman practically owns half of Brookewood, but we can get to that later. Anyways back to Kira. Her parents, who happened to be poor as church mice, died in a tragic fire whe she was just 9 months old. But before they passed out from smoke inhalation, they did what any caring parents would do, they lowered her out of the window in a basket. The firefighters quickly recieved the little bundle and rushed her to the paramedics after 3 days of constant monitoring in the hospital, she was sent home with her loving aunt, Allegra, and they got to live happily ever after together. Or so the rest of us thought. The harsh reality is that Allegra has never been the same since. And Kira is just flat-out mean. Everyone seems to make excuses for her because of the tragedy or because "being raised by someone who isnt loving towards you can in turn make you and unloving person". Now even though those who have been exposed to Kira's witch-like ways know that these are lies, some people who are stubborn and set in their ways, believe every single word of them.

Next I will tell you a story of Pierce. Pierce is my older brother who without fail always manages to piss me off in one way or another. He is 21 years old but I swear he is like 5 the way he acts. But anyways, he has always been the most popular, talented, smart, hot boy anywhere he went. I constantly had girls barraging me for "Just one date" with my brother. Some of my friends even used to prank call him and say things like "Be the father of my children" and "Marry me" or "Screw me". Like seriously? Act your age. But I have gotten over that. Pierce is currently a student at George Washington University so he lives on campus in Washington D.C. which is 1000's of miles away so I really only see him on holidays now. Which means that, unfortunately, I miss that brat all the time.

Another important part of my "glamorous" life is my beloved dog, Cannon. He is basically the love of my life (believe me I know how pathetic that is). Cannon isn't just any dog though, he is definitely very protective of me. He is my movie buddy/pillow/the one I cry on/blanket/best friend in the world. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Cannon. Ever since I got him last Christmas we have been best friends. Did I mention he loves to help me pick out outfits? Im not even joking. In the morning while I'm asleep, he will go into my closet, grab a shirt and bottoms with his mouth, and drag them out for me. He actually has pretty good style.

Next we can launch into "Facts about Reece". Okay, number one "Reece-ism" I'm super outgoing. You couldn't pay me to be shy. Its a blessing and a curse. Next would be that I love to sing. I'm loud, and I'm told that I'm pretty good. At some point in life I would like to try out for a singing show but I have to get my life situated first. Moving on from that my next odd fact is that I am 100% obsessed with pickles. I could eat 10 a day. And let's see, what else? Oh, I know! I absolutely love kids. And I cant wait to have my own one day. Orange juice is one of my and Pierce's mutual obsessions. I spend way too much time writing. And I have major music bipolarness, one minute I could be calmly listening to Rochmananoff or Tchaikovsky and the next I could be blasting One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer. Next one is that I love being around horses. I could honestly be with them all day long. And finally, I love fashion. But not the popular hipster fashion. Im more of a trend setter. There is nothing I love more than wearing something one week and showing up to school the next week and seeing at least 40 girls wearing something similar.

The last thing we can talk about is my guy best friend. Kyler Erin Hicks. He is honestly my glue. He keeps me afloat in my crazy world. He is my biggest fan and closest friend. The story of how we met is actually quite interesting. You see I was quite close with his older brother James, but when James left for high school he told his brother to try and hang out with me. So on the first day of 7th grade some dorky kid with glasses and thin blonde hair plops down next to me at lunch. Then he said 18 words that changed my life.

"Listen to me Reece Elizabeth Taylor, we're going to be best friends for as long as we live."

And the rest is pretty much history. He's the greatest and he hasnt gone back on those 18 words since. And I have a good feeling he never will. Speaking of Ky I think I hear his car now.

"REECE! YOU HOME BABE?" Kyler screamed through my house.

"Gosh Ky do you have to shout man?" I said as I hugged him.

"Well you usually have those awesome turquoise beats I got you for Christmas on your ears. So yes I do have to shout." He chuckled out at me.

"Oh yes. How will I ever repay you for your extremely generous gift? Oh wait! I seem to recall your favorite person in the world buying you 5 of your favorite movies, all of your favorite candies, and a polaroid for your gift." I said with my signature sassy hair flip.

"Reece, do you have to do that every time you make a comeback?" He said while rolling his eyes.

"Only with you babe, only with you"


*Authors Note* I hope you guys liked it. I'm not like overly excited about how it turned out but I figured it was time to update and get this book rolling. This chapters QOTC is "What is your favorite breed of dog?". Leave it in the comments.
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