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Ariel sat on her bay window seat, thinking of all the possible damage she might have cause Luke by showing public affection towards Nathan. It was something she'd never think she had in her, before, of course, Nathan.

Its like Nathan's the giant, black, dangerous tornado coming her way, she knows it. She get's caught in it and she loves it.

This beautiful nightmare will be ending soon, its just a question of time.

This has opened her up more, her inner self. She does reckless things that she never knew she could be capable of. She does disastrous things; things that in her book, ballerinas shouldn't do.

It opened her up to the world. But closed her mind completely. With Nathan, she felt on cloud nine. She didn't feel safe but he opened her up to the cruel things the very Earth we stand on, holds.

Luke was more of a gentle person, well from what she knew. He was the best thing that happened to her, but she's changed so much over this week. She felt like she went throught all the stages of school within a week, changing in every grade.

At this point, she had no idea if the change was good or bad. She just wished it'd be over.

A slight knock came upon her door, making her jump a bit. "Come in." She called. The door opened slightly, Nathan's head peaking through it. Her frown quickley was replaced with a giant smile.

"I just wondered. Since you are been open minded between whatever is going on with us and you've changed so much," my mind is closed. It's like a closed chapter of a book, all that had to happen was letting another chapter open, she thought. "Would you like to meet, Meredith?" Her insides exploded. All she ever dreamed of was holding her baby in her arms. She always had this vision before Meredith was born. She thought of holding a small baby, that once lived in the stomach. She imagined being happy with her mother again, meeting the guy of her dreams and building a family together. Her luck quickley changed when Nathan came and snached Meredith from her arms, never returning her, only promising 'she's safe.' She met her exactly for a minute and thirty-three seconds before Nathan ordered a small room in the hospital that he paid a huge amount for, and never let Ariel see her. 

"Yes." She breathed out, her smile widening ear to ear.

He led Ariel up a couple of floors higher, finally coming to an end. They got out and the room and ambiance of the whole floor was so much different from the floor she lived in. It was so...perfect. The walls were splattered in pastel colors, the doors of the rooms were white with pink or blue bows on a string that supported a plaque on the door, written on them were the names of the babies.

The whole feel made her want to beg him to let her take care of all the babies; looking over them and just earning the lose time with Meredith.

"She's over in this door." He guided Ariel a little deeper in the hallway, stopping at a door, a simple white door with a crystal doorknob. On the door, a white plaque that read 'Meredith' with a string and a pink bow on it.

He nodded, indicating her to open it. Ariel was nervous, for no reason.

She finally opened it, reaveling a sleeping baby in a white crib, a punk cushion, and a little elephant by her side. Ariel's eyes were soon glossy, tears pooled in the rims of her eyes. All she ever wanted is actually happening in this very moment.

It got to a sad point to where she made a bucket list and the very first item listed was meeting Meredith.

"She's...my baby? She's my baby. Oh my god." She smiled, covering her mouth. Tears pooled between her cheek and the hand covering her mouth.

"Carry her." Nathan called. Ariel reached down to the crib, and set her hands on Meredith's back. Her small, fragile, soft back. She carried her and set her in her arms, Meredith cuddling against Ariel's warm body. "I'll go, now. You can stay here, with her." She heard Nathan's feet leaving the room, fading as he reached the elevator.

Ariel sat on a comfty chair, staring down at Meredith. Her small eyebrows were he lightest shade of brown, aswell as her hair. Her pink lips slightly apart, her small fingers craddled against her palm. Her big rosy cheeks held light freckles on them.

This was her Meredith. Ariel's Meredith.

There is no words in the very own dictionary that describe her feelings and how perfect her baby is.

Her Meredith, Ariel's Meredith.


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