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Liam's POV:

We drove from the hotel to the studio and walked in. Helen told us that there were two talented girls were working today so we could meet them if we worked today. We of coursed wanted that, we love to meet new people.

"guys, we're here" I said.

"hii Liam! Hi guys! How are you today? Are you guys ready to meet the new girls?" Helen said.

"good morning Helen. Yes, are they here already?" I asked her.

"yeah they are in the studio's. go take a look!" Helen told us.

"alright, thank you Helen! See you later." We said all at the same time.

We went down and heard the piano and a guitar play and two beautiful voices. They sang a song from Jessie J and it sounded beautiful.

"woah, they are really good!" I spoke after we sneaked in. We started clapping. They looked so shocked.

Niall's POV:

When they ended, we started clapping. The girl behind the piano started smiling and the girl with the guitar looked like she saw a ghost. Her face went all white and then she ran off. I wanted to go after her but Zayn hold me back. Liam was the one that finally spoke.

"hello, my name is Liam. This are Zayn, Louis, Harry and Niall. And we are in the band one direction." He said.

"my name is Ashley and I'm sorry for what happened, we shouldn't have played here. And sorry for my friend, her name is Lotte. We can help you all the day. Just say it and we get it." The girl said.

Lotte was her name, pretty name. she was a very beautiful girl. Why would she ran off like that?

"that's OK. You are really good singers and we can use some fun today! And is you friend OK? She looked very sick." I said.

"yeah, she is fine I guess. No one have ever heard her sing except me and her little sister. So she is very nervous and shy and stuff. I'm going to check up on her. Put your things in here and make everything ready. I'll be back with Lotte in a minute." Ashley told us.

I want to go with her. Maybe I can help her or something.

"alright then, shall I come with you? She didn't looked OK and maybe I can help with something?" I asked.

"if you want, see you guys in a minute." She said and with that I went with her to find Lotte.

We went upstairs and then Ashley greeted Helen. Ashley went into the toilets and I looked in and saw her standing there. She was facing the mirror and her skin still looked very white. I took a step back and waited outside for the girls. I heard them talking and then I heard her laugh. I smiled. When she came out I introduced myself.

"hii, I'm Niall. Are you alright, love?" I asked her.

"hello, my name is Lotte. I'm fine. And you?" she asked me. She blushed and looked quickly away.

"I'm good. Now let's go down to the rest" I said.

She is gorgeous! She smiled a couple of times. I love her smile. What am I thinking? I can't see her that way! I just met her! I'm so stupid.

Louis' POV:

Lotte walked in and looked really ashamed. I walked over to her, because I wanted to make her laugh and forget the things that just happened.

"hello, I'm Jennifer. What's you name love?" I asked her. At first she looked confused and then started laughing. Everyone laughed with her and when we all were done laughing I spoke again.

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