Chapter 3

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I turned around. It was Josh. JOSH MAYERS!

"Hey" i smiled

"Hi" he said huffing and puffing

"I better go now"

"Wait I-"


I ran away to him and after a minute I saw Sheila.

"Oh there you are" she smiled

"You won't believe who I saw. let's go" i quickly rushed

"Who- waaaiitt!!" She yelled while i dragged her.


We arrived at Wendy's.

"So, care to tell me who you met?"

"What?!?!" Me sounding so confused

"Who is it?" she asked

"I don't wanna tell you"

"C'mon best. just tell me"









"Josh Mayers" i quickly said

"Pl- what? Josh Mayers?" her eyes widened

"What about Josh Mayers?"

"You met him?" She asked in shock

"Say what? NO! That's so impss"(impossible in Lorriela<lorraine and sheila> Language)

"You just said it though"

"No i didn't"

"Uh yes you did"





"So what if I did? You'd be jealous don't ya?" I asked

"Shut up Lorraine Olivers!"

"Don't tell me you're in love in him"

"Wait what? no! remember our promise 'don't fall in love with the player' " She reminded me

"You know, he's not my type of guy Sheila Avery McBeth" I stated

"Well well well Miss Lorraine Marie Olivers"

"Oh please don't say my middle name"

I complained

"And soon to be Lorraine Marie Olivers Mayers" she laughed

"Uuggghh Just thinking about it disgusts me" i groaned playing with my straw. I looked up to Sheila with terrified eyes googling at me.

"what?" i asked chuckling. she moved her eyes looking to my back.

"Well well well. if it isn't random girl" I heared someone behind me with a deep voice. I got a bad feeling about this.

I turned around.