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carter was landing in a hour and I was all ready to go get her. It had been weird living in this house alone for a few months so after the tour was finished I moved back into the band house but still keeping my one. I was a little more than excited to see car, I mean I love this girl, I never stopped loving her. it was time for me to leave for the airport so I grabbed my keys and quietly left the house not wanting to wake Anyone up, it was dark out but I noticed that mickey's car was gone. I didnt take anything of it I just hopped in my car and started driving to the airport.


This flight seemed to be taking forever! I may have been in first class but there was some seriously snobby stuck up people that were pissing me off. if this flight ended now it would be to soon. I figured we were close to landing as the seatbelt sign came on and a few minutes later a lady spoke throught the intercom.

"ladys and gentleman thank you for flying with us and I would please ask you to put your seatbealts back on" I did as she said and prepared myself for whatever would happen when I got home. With about 5 minutes the plane started to decend and I got a sudden rush of fear and sadness run through me. Was I really back home? what will happen if they all hate me? and luke? so many thoughts filled my head that I hadnt even noticed that we landed and people where beginning to get there things and leave the plane. I sat for a few seconds before getting my carry on and heading out the plane. I took a breath and stepped off the plane. I knew michael was waiting for me in the waiting area so I went to get my suitcase and headed there.

I had been waiting for 15 minutes for my suitcase and it had finally came and as soon as it did I was headed to michael. at first I could seen him untill I saw his green hair he was faceing the other way. I found myself starting to run towards him, and he turned around and walked to wards me. we net somewhere in the middle and I dropped my stuff as he lifted me up and into a hug.

"man I missed you" he said planting soft kisses on my lips.

"it has only been 2 days but god I love being home, her with you" I said he let me go and he grabbed my suitcase. he intertwined out hands and we walked out hand in hand.

" I have no where to go I cant go home." I said realizing that my home now was the house luke had bought for us.

"dont worry luke has been staying at our house so your safe to stay there today." michael spoke as we got in the car.

"my house it is then" and with that we set off home. god I was home... I was home!


I had been standing in the waiting area for 30 minutes when I saw a bunch of people walk out this way which I assumed was cars flight. Then I saw her she hadn't changed , she was the same beautiful carter that I fell inlove with. she began running and at first I thought it was to me until she landed in the arms of some guy. my heart shatterd the idiot with green hair turned and I saw that it was michael. how could he do this? when did this happen? so many thoughts ran through my head as I watched them kiss and hug. I turned and began to walk back outside dumping the flower I had bought into the bin as I passed. I hoped in my car range filling my body and drove home. my home not the band house obviously carter would be going there with michael. how could even happen. I had lost her. for good.

I got back to the house and went up to my room and crawled into the bed. I lay there wondering why she didnt tell me, why HE didnt tell me....


"thanks for picking me up I will see ya tomorrow okay?" I said pulling out the house keys.

"okay I will come get you around 1 and we can go meet everybody." michael said before pulling out the drive and heading off. I took a deep breath and enterd the once familure house, taking in everything of mine thats was left here. I put my suit case down and wandered to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I noticed the patio light was on so I slid open the doors and walked outside.

"hello anyone here." I walked over to the fire pit.

"luke?" I was in shock why was he here. I mean its his house to but michael said.

"oh hi" he didn't sound rather happy.

"are you okay?" I asked sitting next to him.

"yea just great carter" he was mad.

"iv been here 5 minutes and your already treating me like you've never met me!" I replied looking at the ground.

"oh sorry im not all happy chappy that your home. I came to get you cater and... and you were with him." I looked at him puzzeld.

"what do you mean"

" you and michael I tried to be nice and come surprise you from the airport with flower and I see michael and you and you and..." I stoped him.

"well excuse me for wanting a life and wanting to forget and moving on. you never thought to ask how I was sitting in my home crying every night while I watched you and jessica on tv. everyday it was something new luke. michael.." i shouted but now he interupted me.

"that with jess it didn't mean a thing I never stoped thinking about you. but whatever im happy for you really" he said quietly with his head down.

" i will take the couch you should get some sleep before tomorrow. " he said walking off.

"luke" I called after him feeling guilty for shouting at him but he just walking into the house turning the patio light off leaving me in the dark.

a/n so I really dont like this chapter but its an update. let me know what you guys think! more luke and carter drama to come! and maybe a return of jessica?? vote and comment...

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