The Last

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 “It seems like something hit me.

A spark or two, I don’t know.

But nothing gave me such glee.

Before that shadow came and go…”

She was that spark. She hit me without me knowing. She changed everything. My once reckless life turned into something unforgettable, something beautiful she made this cold and bitter world full of sweetness, love, and care. “She’s beautiful.” everyone around her says. “That one is a keeper” that man from the carnival commented. I say, she is my everything. She’s my life. Though she is not the only I have loved. I had eight before her. Macey, Eris, Rhea, Emma, Dianne, Irene, Tori, and Harper.

Macey was a girl from high school. She was an honor student. She had the brains everyone wants.  She always said that intelligence isn’t always the key. Hard work and love are components.

Eris was the girl from the coffee shop. She was very petite. She just smiles at me whenever I pass by her. She always loved caramel macchiato. I remembered that I used to laugh at her quotations, but she made realize there is more to life.

Rhea was my friend from college. She is the one who told me that anything is possible when you believe. I thought she just tells quotations from a movie but she meant more.

Emma was a girl I bumped into in a store. She is the girl who is tough like a fighter, but deep inside, she is naïve. But we both weren't single at the same time. What we loved about each other? It's appreciating the partner that we had.

Dianne was a family friend I met in Tennessee. She was a horse racer.  She always loved horses, summer air, and flowers. I remembered the time we went to a garden sanctuary in Nashville, she had never been so happy in her entire life. That was my last moment with her. A day later, she moved to Vietnam and I never heard of her.

Irene was a stranger I met at a train station. She was a nice person. I remember her giving her seat to an old lady even though she was already exhausted from her work. I remember her make believe stories about unicorns, rainbows and sunshine. A sunny smile is up her face, and it lights up the world.

Tori was a girl from the concert in Seattle. She was an introvert. I remember her sweet voice playing through my head. That tone which makes anyone fall in love. When people ask me what city I love the most, I say Seattle, the city where I loved the most

Harper was a friend from Vegas. She was the person shaped by her strength. Unfortunately, her parent divorced and she was left all alone. It was a year before we met. She was diagnosed with cancer, yet she remained strong.

She wasn't the ninth. She isn't one of them. She's all of them. She was the one I loved the most. The girl who had the sincerest smile. The girl who has the brains. The girl who believed that everything is possible with her silly make believe stories. The girl who tells me values I life. The girl who was so innocent. The girl who was so nice. The girl whose voice makes my heart sing in chorus. The girl who was a tough fighter. The girl who was so strong in facing all the circumstances in life. Every first letter in their names make up hers. M-E-R-E-D-I-T-H. Meredith. She is the ninth. She is the last.


A/N: Hey guys!! My very first story. Hope you liked the prologue. I'll be posting more chapters since our exams just ended. This wasn't much though because I'm not a professional writer, but I'll try to give this story life... <3 Lovelots

Dedicated to her. She's a real nice friend and cousin. Happy birthday!!

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