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We open the window, and Look out the window at the oak tree next to the window. I wish we could eat more be4 we go! (I'm still hungry). I am the first to jump, swiftly grabbing the branch and then falling to the ground.

I set off at a run, and as soon as beccy catches up to me we shift, hers into a golden wolf and mine into a white. I see the gaurds patrolling the border, and signal to beccy that we need to go when they change shifts. 10 minutes later, they change, and we sprint off the property and keep running until we come across a stream.

Once the stream has washed away our scents, we keep running till we finally cant go no more. I shift into my human form, get dressed with clothes from my backpack i had in my mouth. We then climb up neighboring trees, and fall asleep i little nooks in the tree.

We finally found a road! It's not too far from a town called redford. as we get there i shriek in delight when i see a mc donalds and run to it. I hear beccy mumble "does that girl ever stop eating?" truth is, i dont.

We order 2 big mac combos with frozen sprites and some crunchie mc flurrys. Yum! As we are eating, i notice a car outside. Crap! I see cole getting out of the car chatting to  Trent ,  both with stormy looks on their faces. If they catch us, we are in sooooooooo much trouble. 

I tap beccys shoulder and then say 1 word..... "Run!" we crash out the front doors of mc donalds and start sprinting for our lives. We hear yelling behind us and then the sound of an engine revving and a skreech of tyres. 

We make it to a police station, where we simply state, "Help us!" and they hide us away. We sit there silently as the doors crash open and 2 pairs of feet pound in. Coles deep  voice quickly states, "2 lost girls. looking for them. do you know if they came in here?" The police officers with us take deep breaths, and look at us.

I look at the white board and then rite 1 name on it. Katie cardion was all it took to get them rushing out of there with handcuffs and guns. We hear a scuffle going on, and then hear words that make me chill to the bone. "maybe you'll be a bit more obediant in thise cells officers." and then footsteps coming towards the doors.

We crowd into the corner, backing away from the door. The dor opens cole & trent come in smirking. "you thought you could get away from us ?" cole says, strollling towards us. A loud growl rips through my chest and cole pauses. Then he smirks, and continues, with trent flanking him. My back hits a door handle, and i tap in morse code to beccy, get out the door behind us in three, two one, i throw the door open and rush outside.

"So much for help from the police," i scowl. We run and run until we get to new york, after a week of running and drinking and the occasional eating. Two wolves hurl themselves at us from the woods, and pin us down. I squirm and howl with fear and soon beccy joins me, both of us convinced its cole and trent.

We then stop when they release us, go behind a tree and shift. We now see that its 2 young men, probably suspecting us as rouges.  I shift behind a tree and join them, now dressed. we are ordered to report to the alpha and beta of the pack, and if found guilty of trying to harm the pack, penalty of death.

I didnt realise we crossed into pack territory. I wonder whos pack this is. As if reading my thoughts, kyle and mason tell us that it is the pine wood pack. I gasp, stumbling back a few steps. my pack, my family, all here! A big smile sets on my face. "Who is the alpha?" I ask curiously. I never actually met him, as i went to a different school to him and cause i alway kinda kept to my room.

"Xavier" Kyle says firmly. a shiver runs through my spine. I guess our old alpha retired.  We arrive at the pack house, and he takes me upastairs to the alpha's office. On the way, I spot my little sister playing cards on the floor with some chick. I resist the urge to call out to her, and walk away. 

We enter the office, and they direct us to some seats. "Xavier and jace will be here soon." I remember jace. He was alaways noce, always had a smile on his face. But all except one word leaves my mouth... "Mate" I look at xavier with shining eyes, and run to him. I hear another "mate" being uttered and see beccy fling herself on jace.

I smile to myself and nuzzle into xavier. He mutters in my ear, "what happened?"  so beccy and i explain. He growls almost every word i speak and when i finish, pulls me onto his lap. " katie, your parents will rejoice to see you back." I nod and look hopefully at him. He realeases a jolly laugh and nods at me.

I shriek again and pull him out the door, leving jace and beccy for some 'bonding time' ;). I rush to my parents room and burst through the doors. I see them working at their desks like usual and clear my throat. They see me and shreik and scream and embrace me, squeezing very tightly. "I love u guys." I mumer, and then tell them the whole story. 

At the end, they utter some foul words uinder their breath dircted towards cole and trent. Then they allow me to see my sister, whos tears run down her face as she runs toward me....

<3 love u guys!

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