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Lucy pov-

I can't believe this! Maybe sally got the wrong number but who else does she know who is a writer. I read the text again and again "I was talking to a film maker and he said he really needs a new story so I have him one of yours ( sorry I gave him one of your old ones!) he loves it, he is starting the auditions for the roles next week! Your gonna be the new john green! Love sal xx" I'm so stunned I don't know what to do. I think of the one person I know I need to ring, I search through my contacts and find the name SALLY. The phone rings for literally 2 seconds then at the other end I hear an excited squeal. "OMG OMG" sally squeals " I can't believe we have both finally made it!" I go through a moment of confusion how has sally made it? This isn't her book? Then I remember Sally's an actress she will be in the film! " calm sally calm, I completely forgot to ask you which book is gonna be made into the film?"

" oh yeah sorry I was too excited I forgot to say! It's the one when me you and Maddy meet the insurgent cast at the premier!" Says sally " Lucy your not just gonna be the writer your gonna be the star!"

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