Beach Combing

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"Beach Combing"

The fresh salty breeze

fill the nostrils

hope, adventure, longing

There is just something

about the sea

that puts the soul at ease

Imprints left on the sand

only to disappear with each tide

a wave that brings joy

to a child's eye

Treasures collected along the way

a smooth piece of glass

a broken shell

wood worn smooth and indented

Rocks entrench my pocket

thoughts slip thru my mind

just as easily as sand wells up in my shoe

I walk along the beach

Hands clasped desperately

to hold a memory

laughter echoes across the water

tendrils of breath moist with cold

Northern artic air

frigid beauty of the ocean

these are not the shores of my youth

warmed by the hot sun.

By: Ryan McKay


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