January 23rd, 2016

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"Daddy can we please go get ice cream" Treyton whines as we're walking out the door or the courthouse hand in hand. Finally, finally, We got everything figured out. As much as Rachel wanted more time with Treyton, the whole her cheating on me and ruining our relationship worked out in my favor. After countless court dates, I finally got what I wanted. Treyton living with me almost full time, only going to Rachel's new apartment on Wednesdays, and every other weekend.

Two months after I figured out Rachel was cheating on me, thanks to Connor, and I finally got what I wanted. What I needed. Treyton gets to live with me, and that's all that really matters.

"Daddddddy!" Treyton whines again, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and tugging on my leg causing me to stop. I bend down into a crouching position and fix his crooked bow tie, and then he brings his hands up to my neck and tries to fix mine, despite it not needing to be readjusted. I don't mind though, every time he tries to be like me I can't help but smile. Despite the fact that the love of my life and my girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me.

"Yeah Turb, What is it, buddy?" I ask my son. When Treyton first learned to walk, he almost instantly started running, going all over the apartment and causing me to constantly be chasing after him. That gave him the nickname Turboman Treyton, which shortened into Turboman, and then went to just Turbo, and eventually made it's way to just Turb. Nick names were supposed to be short anyway, right?

"Daddy you said if I was good we'd go get ice cream." he says looking into my eyes. I can't help but notice that his blue eyes sparkle just the same as his Mom's. And just like I could never say no to her, I can't say no to him either.

After Rachel had Treyton, we decided I'd be the one to stay home with him and she'd be the one to work full time. I was always much more excited about being a Dad than she was a Mom, and she wanted to focus on her work. So it worked out. I would pick up a couple shifts at the local community center on days I could, and spend every other minute with Treyton. Now that I don't have her income for the rent, or bills, or ice cream, life is a bit tougher. But I can't say no to him when he looks at me with the bright blue eyes. So despite not really having money to get ice cream, I say "yeah buddy, we can go get some ice cream."

"YAYYYYY!" he yells, as he takes off running towards the jeep. "Treyton be careful!" I scold, taking off after him to make sure I'm there to catch him if he falls. Or stop him from running out in front of a car.

He beats me to the jeep by just a second, but I open up the door for him and watch him climb up to his carseat and watch to make sure that he buckles himself correctly. He recently learned how to buckle it himself, and no longer lets me help at all. As much as I love him, I'm not quite ready for my four year olds life to be in his own hands.

I get into the front seat and drive to the 'Deep Freeze' which I know is Treyton's favorite ice cream shop. They have a special machine that swirls cotton candy flavor into the vanilla ice cream. If there's anything Treyton loves more than cotton candy, or vanilla ice cream, It's cotton candy flavored vanilla ice cream.

As soon as he unbuckles himself and I get the door open he runs up the the window which you order at. No four year old should remember things like that. I make the mental note to remind myself he doesn't need ice cream every time he asks for it. When I catch up to him and get to the window he says "See I told you my Daddy would come to pay for it." The worker just smiles at him and says "Anything for you, Dad?" I look at their menu quickly and say "Yeah, I'll have a small cookie dough mixer." I say, getting my wallet out and handing her a ten as she says "Your total will be $6.79"

"Jeeeez, Trey, what'd you order buddy?" I ask him. Most the time when we both order, me getting my mixer and him his ice cream cone, it's only $3.09. I note to myself how sad it is I know that price and wait for his answer. "Ice cream." he says with a grin on his face. I shake my head but don't say anything. I can't get mad at him. It breaks my heart too much to see him sad.

When our order is up, I grab my Mixer, and Treyton is handed two large Ice Cream cones, one Cotton Candy flavored, and one dipped in a hard chocolate coating. "Did you really need two large cones?" I ask him when we sit down on one of the out door picnic tables, "Are you really going to eat that much ice cream?" "No silly," he says in his high little voice I love so much, "This ones for us to share." He holds up the cone that's dipped in chocolate and smiles.

How can I get mad at my son who just wanted to share ice cream with his Dad.

When we get home, I walk with Treyton to his room, finding a pair of little sweatpants and a tshirt for him to wear, knowing he'll want to get out of his nice clothes from court, that are covered in ice cream. I throw them into his hamper, reminding myself again to do his laundry. Normally Rachel did that.

Treyton watches cartoons for awhile while I try to clean up the kitchen. She usually did that too. I look at the clock noticing that it's already almost eight o'clock. "Hey bud what do you want for dinner?" I ask him, raising my voice a little bit so he hears me over whatever show he's watching. "Mac and Cheese" he calls back. "We just had that last night, Treyton." I say, now approaching him. "Don't you want chicken nuggets or maybe a grilled cheese?" "I want Mac and Cheese." he says again. I groan, and walk back into the kitchen to boil the water for his macaroni. It's not worth putting up a fight. If he wants Mac and Cheese every damn night, that's what he'll get.

After he finishes his dinner, I tell him it's time to get ready for bed. "Daddy can't we stay up just a little bit longer? Pleassseee?" he begs. Same fight, different night. "Treyton we go over this every single night, bud, When you stay up late you get too tired. You have school tomorrow we have to go to bed." "Fine." he says grumpily, storming off to his room to find his pajamas. Afterwards, I join him in the bathroom where we both brush our teeth.

I go to his room afterwards, ready to tuck him into his bed. "can I sleep with you Daddy?" he asks. Ever since Rachel moved out, he's been asking to sleep in our bed with me. I know he should be sleeping in his own be, I mean that's why he has it, but I like cuddling with him when he falls asleep. And I like that the beds not empty. When it's empty it reminds me that she's not there. It reminds me that she's probably in bed with Nathan.

"Yeah, buddy. You can sleep with again." I say, taking his hand and bringing him into my room where he climbs up onto my bed. Once I change into a pair of sweatpants, I get into bed as well, and he settles into my chest, the place he sleeps every night.

"I'm glad I get to live with you, Daddy" Treyton says, a yawn escaping his mouth. "Why do you say that?" I ask him. He's four, and as much as I hate Rachel and what she did to me right now, I know my four year old hating his mother isn't a good thing. "Because Mommy made you sad." he explains to me, enlightening me on the four year old perspective of life. "And I like you better than Mommy." He adds, "But that's a secret."

"Okay buddy, I'll keep it a secret." I tell him quietly, wanting to sooth him to sleep. He really needs to sleep, and so do I. He yawns again, causing me to yawn as well. When I think he's sleeping, I close my eyes too. Just as I'm about to sleep, I hear a quiet little voice say "Goodnight Daddy, I love you."

I whisper back, "Goodnight, buddy. I love you too."

///Okaaaayyy So this is the second part of my new short story, 'Unpredictable' It's an AU(Alternate Universe) Story, So In it Josh isn't famous. He's just a twenty three year old kid with a four year old son and a bitch of an exgirlfriend. It's probably only gonna be like 10-15 chapters, but it's gonna get a lot more exciting so I hope you like it so far, and keep reading :)///

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