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This is Maria and Paula^

**The next morning**

Well, it's Monday I start school today, I'm not excited, but at the same Time I kinda am, mostly because my daddy bought me a Hennessy Venom GT so I can drive to school

I got out of bed, it was now 6:30 am and School starts at 7:45 am

Before I got into the shower, I went To the slide glass doors that lead to my balcony, I opened the curtains and I stepped out, Next door was a small ass house, all dirty, and old, Honestly it looks disgusting, I feel bad for who ever lives there, I just stood their staring at there dirty Balcony, I noticed that It had the Numbers 381 in front, Hmm so their address is 381 King Road

I headed back inside

I took a quick shower, and made sure I used my blueberry Shampoo, that makes My hair smell amazing, I always make sure I smell good, I don't care if I'm only going to visit Grandma, it's my priority to always smell good, I usually always smell like cocoanut or Vanilla, but I've been liking Cocoanut a Little more

I went into My room and Decided to wear my Navy Blue floral bralet that zips up in the front, and exposes my belly button along with my Bellybutton ring, I went with my army high waisted skinny jeans, for My shoes I went with my black ankle Combat boots, as for My hair I straightened my hair and put a cream colored Bow in my hair, for My makeup I don't use foundation, or concealer, because I take care of my skin and I don't have any acne, but I did a light brown Smokey eye, I applied some winged out eyeliner and Added some mascara, my Eye lashes where already really long so I only put one coat of mascara on, for My lips I just put On some of My baby lips, I looked one last time In the mirror and was satisfied with what I looked like

Dad Already dropped Axel off at School, but I have to go pick him up after school

I looked over at the clock at saw It was already 7:20 am, It was still early, but I'm gonna leave early to go to school so I can at least look at my class rooms

I grabbed the keys to my baby and got in, I think I'll name her Emilia

I drove to school and headed straight to the office, but as I was walking a bunch of boys was hollering at me

Once I got to the office, I went up to the lady at the front desk

"Uh, hi, I'm here to get My schedule" I said to the woman, she looked up at me and smiled

"Ahh, you must be Catalina, well here you go, I'll call Mariana down so she can show you around miss" she politely said handing me my schedule

I nodded My head and looked down at my schedule

I have Chemistry first pieriod

"Hey, sorry I'm late, you must be the new girl...?" Mariana said

"Catalina" I said finishing her sentence

"right, well, c'mon Lemme show you around" she said

"I'm Mariana By the way" she said

"Nice to meet you" I said with a smile

"Yo, nice outfit" she said eyeing me

"Thanks, you're looking pretty fly yourself" I said back, well this girl has the same taste in clothes as me

"You're Hispanic too huh?" She asked

I nodded

"Well then I'm glad to say that we're going to get along pretty well, I'm hispanic too" she said

"Hey, well looks like we got the exact same schedule" she said

"Really? Thank The Lord, I don't want to be alone" I said

She just laughed

"C'mon lets go to Chem" she said

**2 Hours later**

Gosh Honestly I hate how long these periods are

Right now I was at my locker with Mariana

Suddenly this girl with the most annoying voice walked up to us

"Hey Mariana, can I sit with you at lunch today?" She asked sounding desperate

"Hell no" Mariana said

"Why not? You're the most popular girl In school, basically all the guys in school want you, even the Cholos" she said

"Kay so? Its not my fault I'm hot" Mariana said

"Catalina, let's go to lunch" Mariana said pulling me to the cafeteria

"How come you let her sit with you and Not me?" The girl asked

"Cause she's not Thirsty for popularity" Mariana snapped back

The girl's jaw dropped

"Closed your mouth sweetie, you're sending the wrong message" I said to the girl

Mariana laughed and high fived me

We walked into the lunch room, everyone's eyes where on Mariana and I

"Since you're hanging with me now, you're officially Popular" Mariana said Swinging an arm around my shoulders

Damn, My first day and I'm already popular? Wow

I think I'm going to like this school

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