Chapter 5: My New Mission

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Nash's POV*****

Lisa was very pretty and a challenge. Just my type.

Her sunkissed brown wavy hair complimented her gorgeous complexion. She made me nervous when we were alone. Simply because I was shirtless and she was taking pictures of me.

I flirted with her, but she didn't budge. Except I knew she liked me. When we were face to face, we got lost in the moment. Her deep brown eyes, made my stomach tie into a knot.

She wasn't easy, I'll admit that. But hey, a challenge is a challenge, am I right?

I didn't score her number, but my 14 year old brother did! Wow I felt like a sore bum loser.

Being the determined boy I am, I demanded Hayes to give me her number.

"OOOO. You got a crush on her!" Hayes said mischievously.

"Yeah I do okay!" I admitted.. "HOW DID YOU SCORE IT AND I DIDN'T?"

"Bro, chill down. We don't like each other, CALM YOURSELF!" Hayes said.

Thank God they didn't like each other. I thought that my little brother had more game than I did.

After Hayes gave me her number, I texted her saying

N: Hey Lisa, its Nash

About 10 minutes later she replied

L: Umm.. Nash.. I didn't give you my number

Daaaang it. She knows I've been stalking then. No going back now.

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