Chapter 13

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I'm half awake in my bed when Luke walks in. 'Thats the Dani I know again." He laughs at me because I was downstairs at this moment yesterday.

'Oh shut up." I turn around. He just keeps standing there and staring at me.

'Okay, okay I get up." I throw a pillow at him as he walks through the door. I hear his footsteps bonk on the stairs.

'I'm going to make some breakfast!" Luke yells from downstairs. 'Make some for me!" I yell back.

I change into a skinny and a red flannel. I jump into my black vans and walk downstairs.

Luke sits at the table next to my mom. He's eating toast. 'Where's my food?" I look at him. Luke laughs and points at the kitchen.

'Well thanks." I quickly eat my toast and grab my bag.

We walk outside. The fresh air makes me shiver.

'Luke?" I think of yesterday. He's going to kill me because I told to Lauren he likes her, but if he knows she likes him to he can't kill me. I think.


'Please don't kill me." I laugh. 'You freaking told her didn't you?" He shakes his head but still laughs.

'Well maybe." I laugh at the ground. 'Damn Dani! I told you not to. Now it's going to be so awkward because she doesn't like me." He says a bit frustrated and kicks a stone.

I get why he's annoyed. I wouldn't have said it if Lauren didn't said she liked him. But I can make him happy again in a matter of seconds.

'But I said it with a reason." I still laugh at the ground. He looks at me and raises his eyebrow. 'A very good reason." I add and look up.

'She likes you." I laugh at him and I see his eyes light up a bit. He haven't been dating in a while so. I'm happy for them.

'You're kidding right?" He looks still a bit shocked.

'That's exactly what she said." I laugh at him.

He gives me a hug.

'Damn Luke she's mine." Michael laughs and walks by us. I smile when I hear him say 'mine'. It feels good.

'Don't worry, I won't try anything. I promise." Luke laughs at Michael.

We walk in the school with the three of us. I poke Luke with my elbow. 'Look who's there, go talk to her." I wisper. He nodds and walks towards her.

'And what was that for?" Michael laughs. 'They like each other. I'm hoping Luke is going to ask her out. I smile in their direction.

We enterd the classroom. Luke came in with Lauren. They both smile. I hope it went good between them.

I go sit next to Michael and the lesson flies by. I hear the bell ring. I walk to Luke.

'And? What happend?" I nod towards Lauren, who walks further in the hallway.

'I asked her out." He smiles at the ground. 'My little boy is growing up." I laugh. 'And because of your mood I think she said yes." I look at him, he still smiles. 'Yeah."

The next lesson I go sit next to Susan. We are early so we start talking. 'Breaking news, Luke asked Lauren out." I say.

'How cute!" She answers.

'Oh yeah, the party coming up." Susan sounds quite excited. I don't know if I must be excited 

I don't know if I trust these kind of parties.

~ A/N

sorryy this chapter is reaalllyy damn small. I just wanted to have the party in the next chapter sooo. Luren is kinda cute yeah. pleasee vote and comment! but hey. Prepare for the party. *evil laugh*

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