You dont know me

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Phases POV

It stayed quiet as we walked. Only the sound of our footsteps could be heard as they scraped there selfs against the hard gravel. Every so often, I would glance at her. Wondering what was going on behind those glossy eyes, beautiful eyes. She kept her eyes forward, her face expressionless. I don't really understand girls at all. I thought she would be happy when I said I wanted that girl to be her, but she didn't think twice about it. Instead, she became angry with me. I didn't understand. Her gentle voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Why do you always stare at me through our windows."

Well, I wasn't expecting that.

"What..?" I ask in a low voice, trying my hardest to sound confused.

"Uhm, did I stutter?" She says, slowly making a stop.

Also stopping, I turn around to face her. about three feet stand between us.

"No.." I say, flipping my hair and patting it down, trying to act casual as I take a step closer to her.

"Then could you please answer my question?" She says, as she takes a step towards me while bringing her voice back down to a soft tone. Her eye brows raising. I take one more step in while hooking my fingers in her empty belt loop, pulling her against me. I could feel her chest rise against mine as she looked into my eyes, the adrenaline pumping through her veins. I lower my lips to her ear lobe and gently whisper.

"Because I like the feeling I get when I see you."

Her breath quickened as she looked down, her face still expressionless but a bright red. I just smirk. Her arms awkwardly laid at her sides as she questioned herself what she should do.

Right when I was about to let go, She slowly took her hands up my body and against my chest. she watched her hands move as they caressed my rib cage, up to my collar bones. I tensed as she touched me. it wasn't just a feeling, it was deeper. So deep that it hurt. But I liked it. Every touch was so meaningful, even though it was so little of contact. No other girl has done this to me. It's like I was on a drug, every time I touched her or she touched me. She took me away from the bull shit reality I lived in, and let me feel. Let me feel careless. But at the same time careful, of her. For her.

But it didn't last long, because she pushed away. Both her hands against my chest, pushing with all there might. Tears welled in her eyes.

"Fuck you!" She yelled squeezing her eyes shut. It felt like a cold hard slap in the face.

"What?" I ask, hurt.

"Please, let me go hayes please"

She whispers roughly, looking down at her shoes while pushing against my chest.

"Wh-...what's wrong amila"

I ask softly, bringing my hand to caress her soft cheeks.

"Hayes, you can't do this to me please, please just stay away from me!"

She yells, finally managing to get out of my tight hold.

What? What is she talking about!?

She pulled her hands to her face as she tried to run past me, but I grabbed her arm.

"Amila wait wha-"

"Hayes! Just leave me the fuck alone!"

She yells in my face while pulling out of my grasp. Her mascara running down her face as her tears poured.

"Amila just listen!"

I yell as she starts to run from me.

"If you have common sense, you'll keep you fucking distance hayes!" she yells, not looking back and still running. I thought about going after her, but Im pretty sure she doesn't want be to. Well, That's not how I was expecting that to go.


Amilas POV

"Then could you please answer my question?" I ask, feeling frustrated while I step closer to him as if trying to get a point of dominance across. Still looking into my eyes, he steps closer and does his famous 'fingers in my belt loop' move and pulls me against his body. My breath quickened as we looked into each others eyes. He lowered his soft lips to my ear.

"Because I like the feeling I get when I see you."

He whispers against my skin, giving me shivers. I looked down, feeling awkward. I glanced up at him to see that he was smirking. I didn't know what to do, should I flip out? Scream for help? Hit him? Then without warning, my hands took control. They raised there selfs to his chest where I could feel the thick rhythm of his heartbeat. They caressed down his rips, feeling the pattern of the bones. My fingers glided up his upper arms and to his collar bones. They gently danced across them, until my hands brought there selfs back down to his chest. What am I doing, stop.

He's just messing with your emotions, remember? Harrison proved that no boy is trust worthy, remember amila? Do you remember all the things he said to you? How it was so believable amila? Remember when he took you on a boat ride, got on his knees and slid a promise ring onto your fingers amila? Remember how you dated for two years and thought you knew everything about each other? hmm amila? Ooh and don't forget the best part, remember when you walked in on him fucking your sister amila? How you watched him thrust into her, as he told her how much he loved her? Ooh he was the sneaky type, wasn't he amila?

"FUCK YOU" I accidentally yell aloud, my vision becoming blurred with tears.

"What?" He asks, I can hear a tint of pain in his voice.

"Please, let me go hayes please" I whisper roughly, still attempting to escape from his grasp.

"Wh-...what's wrong amila"

He asks in a gentle voice. Don't ask me that. Don't act like you care. He brings his large hand up to my cheek and gently wipes my tears away.

Don't you dare give in amila. Your stronger now.

"Hayes, you can't do this to me please, please just stay away from me!"

I yell, finally getting away from his tight hold.

He looked confused, but I knew he wasn't. He's pretending mila. I pulled my hands to my face not daring to show him my tears. I attempt to run, but he grabbed me by the arm.

"Amila wait wha-"

"Hayes just leave me the fuck alone!" I screached, once again pulling with much force out of his grasp. I started to run, Once again not knowing where I was going.

"Amila just listen!"

I hear him yell from behind me.

"If you have common sense you'll keep you fucking distance hayes!"

I yell, not looking back. If I get hurt again, I just might not make it.


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