Introductions and RE-intros

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As Frankie and Kid walked down the hall from Lord Death's office, they talked about almost anything and everything, from symmetry to some of their kishin hunts. they were holding hands an each had a goofy smile on their face as they had found their perfect half, they were now symmetrical. However one topic came up and Frankie winced.

"So Frankie, do you know anyone else here?"

Frankie sighed as this was a painful subject for her,
"Well, when I was little I didn't have many friends growin up. However, I had,one day, found a friend in a small albino boy with shark teeth named Soul Evans. As we grew older we becane like brother and sister, but one day he left and never cane back and I was alone again. I mean I love my papa, but he was my first friend and he left."
As I heard my Frankie's explanation I grew furious with Soul.
How dare he hurt an angel such as this?! Wait, did I just think of her as my Frankie??
I replied back to her softly, makig sure she couldn't detect any anger from me,
"Well Frankie, he is an absolute jerk if he did such a thing to you. He didn't deserve such an amazing friend as you. I, however, hope you are okay since he is in our class and we are often grouped together along with Black*Star and Tsubaki."
She replied bck saying she would just be almost indifferent to him, but she couldn't fault his meister for his actions when he was younger. As she said that I couldn't help but think how amazing she is and how I will win her love. We finally made it to the door of Class Crescent Moon, and she took in a deep breath an I smiled at her. we opened the door and many people were staring, well the entire class was, but Stein was just giving us a very small smile that could e taken as a smirk if you weren't payig close attention to detail as we often did.
Stein stood up and announced,"Class I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Frankie Stein. She doesn't have a partner as she is both a meister and a weapon."
As Stein finished, many people gasped at the fact that he had a daughter, but the sharp gasp from Soul told us he remembered her.
"Hello Soul."
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