Chapter 1.

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  *Alice's P.O.V*(Flash back)

All I wondered... was why was I in that hospital... I slit my wrists.. I wanted to die... And the nurses weren't helping.,.because of her? because I thought i loved her? No...She broke my heart.. Just for another girl... I guess you can say she has become a slut... dating basically everyone. Why though... Why did I let that get to me? Just because of my stupid puppy love for her. I hated being away from her... I became depressed... lonely... I needed my one way to stay alive.. I needed her.

*Casey's P.O.V*

    I Loved Alice. She was my everything. I feel so stupid for pushing her away.. She's

everything I've ever wanted. I knew she couldn't love me anymore because of what i did to her. I broke up with her. The day she got the guts to kiss me goodbye before I left to walk home. I broke her heart.. All because this bitch Angelina said she would kill herself if i didn't date her.. Why would I care about her though. She has caused bullshit for me. A lot of bullshit. I wish i never met that complete asshole. I lost someone I loved because of her... I want Alicean.

*Alice's P.O.V*

   I guess I can get over her... I'm not only interested in girls... I like boys too. But oh wait. We know how that went. Well his name was James. I liked him of course. I thought he liked me back. He lead me on. It hurt. We've been in a lot of fights I guess. He always ticked me off... but at the same time... I liked it. But last summer... I think he killed me inside almost in every way possible. We got into an argument and I made him mad.... He told me to.. to.. to kill myself. I'm surprised I lived and stopped caring. At Least I thought I did...

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